posted 5 years ago

New Kia cee'd Sportswagon 1.6 Diesel Finance

New Kia cee'd Sportswagon “1” 1.6 Diesel Low Cost PCP

The Kia cee'd Sportswagon “1” 1.6 Diesel is better value than a half-price laptop thanks to a low cost personal contract purchase plan. Terms include the £4,161.25 deposit which is followed by thirty-six monthly instalments of £219. At the end of the term there are three options. One, make the £5,758.75 guaranteed future value payment to own the car outright. This totals £17,804 including £1,344 interest (4.9% representative APR). Option two is to return this estate car and walk away. There should be nothing else to pay assuming it is in reasonable condition and has not exceeded the 10,000 mile annual allowance. Damage is charged according to severity and mileage excess at 14.9 pence per-mile. Option three is to settle the account then part exchange via a new personal contract purchase plan. If the Kia cee'd Sportswagon “1” 1.6 Diesel is worth more than the guaranteed future value - perhaps because it has low mileage or a boot-full of laptops - this equity contributes toward the deposit for the replacement. And that is easy to compute.

New Kia cee'd Sportswagon “1” 1.6 Diesel Review

The Kia cee'd Sportswagon “1” 1.6 Diesel is a fantastic family workhorse. Why? Because its cargo capacity is 510-litres rising to 1,642-litres once the rear seats are folded flat. That is remarkable considering it sits in the small family class. Even more impressive is that these figures eclipse some large family cars such as the Vauxhall Insignia Sports Tourer, the Honda Accord Tourer and the Citroen C5 Tourer. And despite having a boot big enough to start a laptop delivery company, the Kia cee'd Sportswagon 1.6 comfortably seats four people and there is room for five at a push. This cavernous estate is nice to drive too. As such the chassis inspires confidence through corners, the steering has plenty of feedback, and the ride is reasonably comfortable. These characteristics complement the flexible and quiet diesel engine. This load-lugger also has a respectable specification considering it sits towards the bottom of the range – but a few more toys would not hurt considering the price. Highlights include: air-con, front fog lights, steering wheel controls, ignition keyhole illumination, Bluetooth and electric front windows. All this is wrapped-up with stylish bodywork and a seven year warranty. No chance of finding the latter on a half-price laptop.