posted 7 years ago

New Kia Optima Review

Does The Stig have a new Kia Optima?

Does The Stig have a new Kia Optima? Nobody can be sure – he is a 'man' of mystery after all - but this four-door saloon is perfect for the white suit lover. But why? The Stig spends his working life chucking high-performance machinery into challenging corners. Whereas this is more entertaining than sitting on his native planet, he must want to cruise home in a more relaxing car. That assumes The Stig has a home, of course? Either way, the Optima is a capable Ford Mondeo rival. It has plenty of cabin space, a comfortable ride, and surprisingly sharp handling. It also has a spacious 505-litre boot for Stig's helmet.

The Kia Optima is powered by a 1.7-litre diesel engine. That is it. No petrol option - no high-performance trim either - just the diesel. This suits Mr Stig's cost-cutting nature as it averages a pleasing 57.6mpg in six-speed manual guise. The auto returns 47.1mpg. Performance is decent too, so these mile-munchers hit 62mph in 10.2 and 11.5 seconds respectively. Stig also likes the specification. Standard features include cruise control and Bluetooth - and the top-spec has leather, parking sensors, and a sunroof too. Furthermore, whereas the man in white has little understanding of style, those that do love the Optima's sharp lines. Prices range from £19,595 to £25,995. How much to visit Stig's home planet?