posted 6 years ago

New Kia Picanto Offers

Well, well, well... the Kia Picanto is cheaper than a penny chew (almost).

Well, well, well... the Kia Picanto is cheaper than a penny chew (almost). Why? Because the '1' and '1Air' versions of this city car have been reduced by £250. Pleasingly, the '2' and '3' models now cost £500 less too, and motorists can save £700 on the 'Halo' and 'Equinox'. As such, prices for these versions now range from £7,545 to £11,595 on- the-road – rather than £7,795 to £12,295. That is something worth chewing over. This sweet tasting run-around is also extremely cheap to run. The most fuel efficient versions average 67.3mpg, and can be taxed for free thanks to their rock-bottom carbon emissions. As such, Kia Picanto owners can afford to ditch their 'penny' chews in favour of pricier Jelly Babies.

Now, “cheap” is often another word for “junk”. Not the new Kia Picanto. It has confident handling, a reasonably comfortable ride, and is backed-up by Kia's seven-year warranty. It also has a fantastic equipment specification. The top-end trim has: Bluetooth, MP3 playback, climate control, and electric everything after all. The Picanto is also practical, as it is available with five doors and has a respectable – albeit modest - 200-litre boot. This complements the sharp and modern styling, and the respectable four out of five star Euro NCAP safety rating. Nice car then, and clearly worth the price of several tonnes of sweets.