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New Land Rover Discovery Revealed for 2017

New, 2017, Discovery key features revealed plus Land Rover Approved Used Promise explained.

“7 Wonders” of this new, sports-utility, vehicle

The New, 2017, Land Rover Discovery is now in showrooms with a starting price of £43,495 and features “7 Wonders” that help it excel, the manufacturer said. The arrival of this new, sports-utility, model is – as motorists upgrade - likely to increase the number of its predecessor available via the Approved Used Promise that ensures peace of mind.

First the new vehicle, though. Consider Wonder 1: “The Magnificent 7”, for example. The Discovery has 7 full size seats – rather than smaller, less comfortable, seats in the rear – so everyone is comfortable throughout.  Furthermore, the seats can be manoeuvred electrically/remotely via a smartphone app.

Wonder 2: “Much Loved Member of the Family” that has a sophisticated range of safety features. Autonomous Emergency Braking scans for hazards while travelling at between 3mph and 50mph. If a collision is likely and the driver fails to react to warnings, it brakes to avoid the accident or mitigate its severity.

Wonder 3: “King of the Hill” which is unstoppable whatever the terrain and weather conditions. The 2017 Land Rover Discovery incorporates the brand's “world-beating all-terrain capability”, it said. This complements a best-in-class 3,500KG towing capacity. Furthermore, Tow Assist autonomously steers while reversing a trailer. Simply pick a preferred line via a dial by the gear lever.

Wonder 4: “British Creativity”. New Discovery styling is an evolution of its predecessor and “designed with charm”, its manufacturer said.

Wonder 5: “Storage Addiction”. Cargo capacity is 2,342-litres with the middle/third row of seats flat. That is vast.

Wonder 6: “Connects Every Generation”. Equipped with USB ports, 12 volt charge points plus a wi-fi in car hotspot.

Wonder 7: “After The Roads End”. Land Rover confirmed that this latest incarnation of its sports-utility vehicle will continue its “humanitarian aid and conservation projects around the world”.

Just In Case You Can't Quite Stretch to a brand new model...

The Land Rover Approved Used Promise incorporates pre/post sale benefits which make the buying process easier. See the table below.

2 Year Land Rover Approved Warranty Minimises inconvenience if the vehicle has an imperfection. There is no limit to the number of claims (up to the purchase price).
2 Year UK & European Roadside Assistance Provides back-up if there is an emergency such as a puncture. It includes: home start, onward travel, recovery and overnight accommodation and applies 24 hours per-day, every day.
165 Multi-Point Inspection Ensures the mechanical components, electrical systems, paint, interior and other parts meet the required standard.
Specialist Technicians Technicians have access to brand specific tools, diagnostic equipment and training and only fit genuine, manufacturer, parts to ensure the best performance.
Independent Mileage and History Check Confirms that the vehicle is not subject to outstanding finance, that it has not been stolen, that it has not been written-off and that the mileage stated on the dashboard is correct.
Road Test Enables the technician to ensure the vehicle performs to the required standard. Inspected systems include the: suspension, brakes, engine and transmission.
Part Exchange Service Provides a convenient means to dispose of a current vehicle. Expect a competitive price.
MOT Test Warranty Requires the manufacturer to contribute towards the cost of repair or adjustment if the vehicle fails its first, or next, MOT. The limit is £750.
Conditional Vehicle Exchange Agreement Requires Land Rover to replace the vehicle with something of similar specification if it has a demonstrable fault that cannot be resolved. It is available for the first 30 days/1,000 miles.
Complimentary Half-Day Land Rover Experience Helps you better understand the strengths of such vehicles off-road.
Land Rover Complimentary, 7 Day, Drive Away Insurance Eliminates the need to swap insurance from a current car to its replacement before collection. It also enables the manufacture to arrange Vehicle Excise Duty (road tax) on your behalf, without requiring you to prove the vehicle is insured.
Independently Inspected The Approved Programme is independently assessed to ensure it meets customer expectations.

Land Rover's Online Search Tool makes it easy to find a vehicle that meets your preferences. See:

Search criteria includes the: model, engine, fuel type, transmission, trim level, paint colour and distance from a postcode. Prospects include the: Freelander, Discovery Sport, Discovery, Range Rover, Range Rover Sport and Range Rover Evoque.