posted 8 years ago

New Land Rover Finance Packages

New Land Rover Finance packages make it easy to obtain a practical 4x4.

New Land Rover Finance packages make it easy to obtain a practical 4x4. The first option is 'Land Rover Freedom'. Simply choose a vehicle, agree a mileage allowance and contract term, then the dealer defines the machine's 'guaranteed minimum future value' (GMFV). This amount and the deposit are then deducted from the car's total new price. The customer pays the remainder, plus interest, via regular monthly instalments. At the end of the term either pay the GMFV to own the vehicle, return it, or use its remaining value to start a new contract.

Land Rover Hire Purchase is another tempting option. Just select a new vehicle, pay a deposit, then make monthly payments which include interest. At the end of the term, that lasts between twelve and sixty months, customers own the Land Rover outright. Happy days. Alternatively, there is a similar scheme called Balloon Hire Purchase. Here 4x4 lovers make smaller regular payments, then a large pre-agreed final contribution at the end of the term.

The Land Rover Advance Payment Plan is an even simpler choice. Motorists, once again, specify their mileage allowance and contract term. This must be between twenty and twenty-four months. The vehicle's GMFV is then calculated. The customer pays the machine's total new price - minus the GMFV - plus interest. This is settled in one 'lump sum' at the beginning of the contract. The remainder 'can' then be paid at the end of the term. Alternatively, return the 4x4 and walk away, or use its value as a deposit on a new vehicle.

Land Rover finance packages are clearly wide ranging, so there might be something to suit everyone. That said, it is wise to consider other finance options too. There are numerous packages on the market and providers are keen to offer good value terms. Happy shopping.