posted 4 years ago

New Lexus NX 300h

Evoque Challenger Combines Style & Safety...

Lexus has unveiled its new NX 300h, which wraps strong safety features and a rewarding drive into a stylish, head-turning exterior.

The manufacturer promises a high level of ride comfort through advanced construction techniques and handling systems.

Featured for the first time in a Lexus SUV is Drive Mode Select, which allows the driver to choose between different modes to suit different driving conditions or driving styles. 

As a full hybrid, the NX 300h can be driven for short distances in full electric vehicle mode with zero tailpipe emissions and fuel consumption activated by pressing a button located next to the Drive Mode Select dial.

Radar-controlled pre-crash system

The NX 300h is the first UK model to be fitted as standard with radar-controlled systems to help prevent an accident happening. The system uses a radar sensor in the front grille to detect vehicles and other obstacles on the road ahead. If there is a high risk of a collision, it alerts the driver with a buzzer and visual warning, activate the Pre-Crash Seatbelt pretensioners, and, when the driver begins to brake, provides Pre-Crash Brake Assist to supplement the braking effort. If the driver does not brake and a collision becomes inevitable, the Pre-Crash Brake will automatically apply the brakes to reduce impact speed and lessen the consequences of the impact.

Other specifications include: daytime running lights, a rear-view camera and front and rear fog lamps, as well as numerous electronic safety and handling systems.