posted 6 years ago

New Mazda3 Is Fair Cop

Law breakers and delinquents might find themselves in a Mazda3.

Law breakers and delinquents might find themselves in a Mazda3. This small family car has been donated by its manufacturer to help the eighty Metropolitan Police Service Special Constables in the line of duty. As such, it can be spotted patrolling the streets of Bexley on a daily basis, and it once took Special Constable Sergeant Gurcharan Singh Dhesi to the Palace to accept an MBE. This was in recognition of thirty-eight years service.

Ann Mansfield, Metropolitan Special Constabulary, Bexley, said: “Mazda’s generosity in providing the car means that officers can patrol a greater area and the vehicle can be used to drop off and collect Special Constables who support operational policing within a matter of minutes in crime ‘hot-spot’ areas.”

The Mazda3 is a Ford Focus rival. Engines range from the 1.6-litre 105PS, to the crook- catching 2.2-litre 185PS diesel. Zero to sixty times range from 13.1 to 8.2 seconds, and these five-door hatchbacks average between 37.2 and 64.2mpg. Every model is nicely equipped with standard features including: air-con, an electronic stability programme, and MP3 playback. The top-end trim has parking sensors and cruise control too. Throw-in rock-solid build quality, effortless handling, and a spacious boot and it becomes clear why the Police love the Mazda3. Prices range from £14,795 to £20,895. Best not try and pinch one.