posted 8 years ago

New Mercedes-Benz Range Overview

Mercedes-Benz manufacture a wide range of machines from practical multi-purpose vehicles

Mercedes-Benz manufacture a wide range of machines from practical multi-purpose vehicles, to stunning saloons, and captivating convertibles. This means there is something to suit virtually every motorist, so let's treat ourselves to a merry romp through the wonderful world of Mercedes-Benz.

The most affordable route to new Mercedes-Benz ownership is the Mercedes A-Class. This compact multi-purpose vehicle has light steering, excellent visibility, and decent body control - so driving in town is virtually effortless and It makes a relaxing motorway cruiser. Running costs can also be fairly modest, particularly if you choose the 2.0-litre 80bhp diesel variant that averages 64mpg.

If multi-purpose vehicles are not your flavour then how about a sleek saloon? There are three options here, the Mondeo-sized C-Class, the larger E-Class, and the Rolls-Royce rivalling S-Class. Each of these drive beautifully, have reassuring safety features, and feel robust enough to last until the end of time. The C and E-Class are also available in estate guises, and the E-Class in particular is one of the most complete load-luggers available.

Now, have you ever considered attacking your vehicle with a can opener to create a convertible? If so, hold on – Mercedes-Benz have done the hard work for you. The new SLK is a tremendously capable and entertaining machine. This is because it has thrilling handling, supreme styling, and the high-spec 354bhp AMG variant hits 60mph in only 4.7 seconds. The SLK is clearly a pure thoroughbred and an instantaneous classic.

Further tantalising new Mercedes-Benz prospects include the CLC coupé, the seven- seater R-Class MPV, and the rugged GL-Class 4x4. Alternatively, If you have £157,500 burning a hole in your pocket, there is the mighty SLS AMG to consider. This 571bhp gull- winged beast is a majestic sight and frequently used as the Formula 1 safety car. What a beauty.