posted 7 years ago

New Mercedes-Benz SL Xmas Diet

The new Mercedes-Benz SL has been on a pre-Christmas diet.

The new Mercedes-Benz SL has been on a pre-Christmas diet. Presumably, this pricey two-door coupe was worried about squeezing into its slinky party dress. Whatever its motivation the result is striking. The SL weighs 140KG less than its predecessor thanks to its new bodywork. This is predominantly constructed from lightweight aluminium rather than steel. The icing on the Xmas cake is that the rear panel is made from magnesium – which is even lighter. If the new SL continues to lose weight it will soon weigh less than air.

The new Mercedes-Benz SL has a few more tricks in its Christmas stocking. The 'Magic Vision Control' system, for starters. This may sound like a fancy new television but it is much simpler. Instead of cleaning its windscreen with traditional washer jets, the SL has channels in the wiper blades to guide water gently and directly onto the glass. These avoid 'flooding' the screen – like traditional systems – so the motorist's view is less obstructed.

Furthermore, the SL's revised audio bass system is – to quote the press release – so capable that it creates a “concert hall ambiance even with the top down”. I hope not. The last concert I endured was more painful than experimental dental surgery. It was like listening to a bunch of churlish teenagers moan about things they only half understand. I would rather have watched an old man rearrange his stamp collection. That “concert” was a night to forget – but the lightweight Mercedes-Benz SL is clearly something to remember.