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New Mercedes S 65 AMG Coupe

New twelve cylinder top-of-the-range

The Mercedes S 65 AMG Coupe is the twelve cylinder top-of-the-range model in the S-Class Coupe Series. It boasts unique driver comfort and benchmark performance. The contours of this fantastic Coupe are accentuated by a host of expressive design elements in high-sheen chrome.

Tobias Moers, Chairman of the Board of Management of Mercedes-AMG GmbH said  "there are AMG fans for whom our V12 biturbo engine is the measure of all things. For this clientele we have developed a unique car in the form of the new S 65 AMG Coupé. From driving dynamics to comfort and equipment  our new twelve-cylinder coupé surpasses even the highest of expectations.”

Twelve-cylinder engines are still considered the pinnacle of engine design, open the bonnet of the S 65 AMG Coupé, and it is immediately obvious why.  The exclusive carbon fibre/aluminium engine cover is synonymous with the exceptional strengths of the V12 engine, built in Affalterbach according to the "one man, one engine" principle. Apart from serving as an AMG hallmark confirming superlative precision and production quality, the AMG engine plate bearing the engine technician's signature is also a clear testament to the peerless DNA of Mercedes-Benz's high-performance brand. The AMG 6.0-litre V12 biturbo engine, with an output of 630 hp and 1000 newton metres of torque, is unique in its segment, as is the AMG sports suspension, based on MAGIC BODY CONTROL with curve tilting function and ROAD SURFACE SCAN. Fuel consumption is approximately 23.7mpg and car is capable of 0-62mph in just 4.1 seconds.

The transmission offers three individual modes: the driver can choose between Controlled Efficiency (C), Sport (S) and Manual (M) by pushing a button on the centre console. Sport and Manual emphasise the vehicle's dynamism: the ultimate emotional appeal and tangible sportiness are ensured by the brief, precisely defined cutback of ignition and injection when shifting up a gear under full load. This shortens shift times and lends an audibly more emotive tone to gearshifts. The ECO start/stop function is activated in transmission mode “C". The S 65 AMG Coupé features a lithium-Ion battery as standard. This innovative technology offers numerous advantages over a conventional battery concept: with a capacity of 78 Ah, the lithium-ion battery replaces both the starter battery and the backup battery resulting in a weight saving of over 20 kg.

The S 65 AMG Coupé also sets new standards in terms of active and passive safety: what began with PRE-SAFE® ten years ago and continued with DISTRONIC PLUS is now leading to a new dimension in driving. Comfort and safety have merged into one. Mercedes-Benz calls this Intelligent Drive. New systems make the new S-Class Coupé even more comfortable and safe.


I think Geraldine has just copied out a Mercedes PR handout.

amazingly beautiful car

Very easy on the eye, but the price tag is eye watering... one day ;)