posted 6 years ago

New MG6 Born After Sixteen Year Pregnancy

The wait for the new MG6 has been longer than a record breaking tape measure.

The wait for the new MG6 has been longer than a record breaking tape measure. In fact, this small family car is the first all-new MG for sixteen years. This, as hard-core motoring fans know, is because this historic brand has a history of financial issues that - in the past - made it poorer than a third-year university student. These culminated in the launch of a new company in 2006. Until now, this has only produced reworked designs in low volumes.

The new MG6 is predominantly manufactured in China, but the final stages are completed at Birmingham's Longbridge plant. It was also designed in dear old Blighty. This Ford Focus rival is cooked-up from traditional MG ingredients - so it offers fashion loving consumers sporty handling, sleek styling, and a rock-bottom price tag. To be precise, this refreshingly distinctive plaything could be sitting on your driveway from £15,495.

The new MG6 is only available with a 1.8-litre turbo-charged petrol engine, but a 2.0-litre diesel version will make its presence felt in 2012. The current model produces 158bhp, reaches 62mph in 8.4 seconds, has five-speed manual transmission, and is electronically limited to 120mph. It also averages 35mpg which is acceptable, but unexceptional. Carbon emissions are 184g/km, which places this all-new package in road tax band I/£200.

The new MG6 is a welcome breath of fresh air in the crowded small family sector. It suits motorists who want something unusual, but also need the practicality of five seats and a spacious hatchback-style boot. So, despite having a slightly cheap feeling interior, this new family workhorse is a great choice for lovers of classic British marques. Well done MG.