posted 7 years ago

New MG6 Magnette Overview

Pardon? You have never heard of the new MG6 Magnette?

Pardon? You have never heard of the new MG6 Magnette? Well, this machine is the saloon version of the capable MG6. What do you mean you have not heard of the MG6 either? That is a large five-door hatchback - priced like a Ford Mondeo – but with ambitions to take-on the mighty BMW 3 Series. Furthermore, the new MG6 range is British... sort of. It was designed at the Longbridge Plant that now partially assembles the vehicles. That said, the brand is owned by the Chinese who want to rebuild its reputation.

Let us start with the positives. The MG6 Magnette has composed handling, reasonable ride quality, a spacious cabin, and sleek lines. On the downside it is only available with one engine, the 1.8-litre 158bhp turbo petrol. This propels it to 62mph in 8.4 seconds which is great, but it only averages 35.6mpg. That would be fine if there was an efficient diesel option – there is not. To take on the big boys, MG must expand its engine range.

The MG6 Magnette comes with three specifications, the: S, SE, and TSE. As they share the same engine these are distinguished by their internal specifications. The S trim has: air-conditioning, four electric windows, power mirrors, and MP3 connectivity. The mid- spec SE also has Bluetooth and parking sensors – and the top-of-the-range TSE adds climate control, an electric sunroof, and leather seats. Not bad features for only £15,995- £19,995.

The MG6 Magnette is a reasonable car, but why choose it in preference to a Ford Mondeo, Volkswagen Passat, Vauxhall Insignia, or BMW 3 Series? I would love to see MG succeed, but the road ahead is long and bumpy. Good start though, watch this space.