posted 1 year ago

New Mitsubishi Mirage Juro Overview For 2017

Exploration of the key strengths that ensure this compact, supermini class, vehicle is a worthy purchase.

Body style and size

The New Mitsubishi Mirage Juro is a practical, cost-effective, beautifully equipped supermini designed to excel in the urban environment. This 5-door hatchback's strengths include its compact proportions that make it easy to manoeuvre – and easy to park - in congested areas. It is 3,795mm long, 1,665mm wide and 1,505mm tall.

Engine, performance, fuel economy and emissions

The Mirage Juro has a 1.2-litre, 79bhp, petrol engine that provides a pleasing balance between performance, fuel consumption and carbon emissions that influence the cost of Vehicle Excise Duty (road tax).

When teamed with 5-speed manual transmission, it propels motorists to 62mph in 11.7 seconds and emits carbon at a rate of 100g/km. It averages 65.7mpg, hits 72.4mpg on the extra-urban cycle and 55.4mpg in town.

The engine can be teamed with continuously variable automatic transmission, too. Expect 0-62mph in 12.8 seconds – which is slightly slower than in manual form - and emissions of 99g/km (lower than manual) It averages 65.7mpg (same), returns 72.4mpg on the extra-urban cycle (same) and 57.6mpg in town (slightly better).

Practicality and cargo capacity

The Mirage Juro earns plaudits for its practicality and interior space. The manufacturer claimed that it has “more total legroom that virtually all of its rivals”, for example. Cargo capacity is 175-litres rising to 910-litres when the rear bench is folded flat. 

Furthermore, the rear bench folds “fully flat” which makes it easier to carry large, awkward, cargo. It also splits 60/40. Optional extras that make it more versatile include the roof mounted: general purpose carrier, luggage carrier and bike carrier. 


The Mitsubishi Mirage Juro is beautifully equipped and comes in a single equipment specification, with or without leather. Standard features include key-less entry that eliminates any need to retrieve the key fob and press its unlock button. Simply keep the fob within close proximity to the vehicle, then pull a door handle.

Auto stop & go saves fuel by switching off the engine while the vehicle is stationary; perhaps at a red light. Simply press the clutch pedal – or if fitted with automatic transmission slightly release the brake peddle - and the engine fires-up. The Mirage Juro also has hill start assist to prevent it rolling backward on hills.

Further Mirage Juro features include: climate control, automatic headlamps, automatic windscreen wipers, electric door mirrors, power steering, parking sensors, tyre pressure monitor, cruise control and active stability control that compensates if it loses grip.


New, 2017, Mitsubishi Mirage Juro prices are:

  • Juro Petrol Manual: £11,499
  • Juro Petrol Manual (Leather): £12,499
  • Juro Petrol Automatic: £12,499
  • Juro Petrol Manual (Leather): £13,499

Choose: Red Metallic, Purple Berry, Copper Bronze, Reef Blue, Atlantic Grey, Polar White or Cosmos Black paint.