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New MOT Certificate To Reduce Clocking

The new MOT Certificate makes it easier to spot clocked cars.

The new MOT Certificate makes it easier to spot clocked cars. Clocking is the process of rolling back vehicles' mileages to increase their values. On older cars – with mechanical odometers – this can be done by winding back old-style mechanisms. However, crooks use software to fiddle with newer digital displays. As such, from November 18th 2012, VT20s must not only record the relevant vehicle's current mileage but those from the previous three tests. This makes it easier for buyers to check for consistency and sidestep problems.

Clocking is common because it is profitable. As such, a Jaguar XJR 4.2 V8 Supercharged - on a 2008/08 registration - that has covered 80,000 miles and is in excellent condition retails for £15,500. However, roll back its mileage to 40,000 and a crook could sell for £19,000 – a £3,500 increase. This applies to everyday cars too. A Ford Mondeo 2.5T Titanium X Sport - for example - retails for £6,100 assuming a 2008/57 registration and a mileage of 80,000. But roll this back to 40,000 and it could sell for a further £1,500, at £7,600.

Irrespective of the new certificate, the only way to be sure a car's mileage is correct is to buy new. That said, second-hand shoppers can minimise the risk. Step one is to cross reference MOT mileages with the service history/invoices. Information can be corroborated further by contacting the garages that have seen the car. If there is no paper trail... be suspicious. Step two is to find comparisons. For example, a Mondeo that has covered 50,000 miles should look and feel better than one with 150,000. Drive a few examples, then, and familiarise yourself with the range's characteristics. And, of course, buy from a reputable source and order a history check from a company such as HPI. Then cross your fingers.

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The more checks added to a system, helps anyone wishing to circumnavigate it.People should not focus on miles, but condition - has it been crashed? There is also no need to buy from a dealer. If you must go to a main agent.

Go to the official mot web site and you can easily check all old mots and MILEACE for the last 5 years

This will help stop the scum that buy cars from auctions clock them and double there money look how many cars are for sale at around the 60k milage mark from small time traders, its a shame it does not list every mot, there will always be the people who moan about they had to change a spedo once but that is no excuse, its about time this is done and it's been a long time coming!

I was in a situation myself in an mot station where the tester put down the mileage of the dials in the car even though i told him i had to replace them (as the speedo had stopped working) and to read the number from the old dials plus the trip of the installed set. As far as "criminals" playing with mileage, it does seem like a good idea. But there's ways around things as there is with everything these days.

This wont stop the clockers, all they do is "correct" the speedo before each MOT, therefore clocked car with perfect record, this trick is used especially on expensive cars like porsche and mercs, directors use them and then when they have moved on they sell car as the wifes shopping car with 25K on it.

What's new, pussycat? I love teh ads in the back of Exchange & Mart where you can call guys who will come to you with an electronic gizmo to 'correct' your speedo to whatever mileage you'd like to see on it. caveat emptor

What about if the speedo dosen't work? Which is not an MOT failure.

All previous MOT are available from VOSA's website. You can easily check the past MOT advisories, failures, milleage etc

Buying "new" is no sure way either. Manufacturers and dealers regularly, and legally, disconnect the reading during delivery!