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New Multi-Million Pound Fund To Reduce Congestion

Local Pinch Point Fund

The government plans to tackle congestion by investing £165 million in sixty-two road improvement schemes, Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin has confirmed. The money will come via the Local Pinch Point Fund that is already supporting numerous other network enhancement projects. The purpose of the fund is to remove the bottlenecks that strangle economic growth by restricting the movement of people/goods. These delays, of course, can be very frustrating. As such, projects include widening roads and strengthening bridges, creating new routes and enhancing the provision for buses, cyclists and pedestrians, etc. The Local Pinch Point Fund - which when combined with local contributions totals £300 million - is only for road schemes in England that can be delivered quickly and have an immediate, positive, effect. As such, this Department for Transport funding is only available for years 2013 - 2014/2014 - 2015.

Patrick McLoughlin Discusses Local Pinch Point Fund

Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin, said: 'This government is taking action on both jobs and growth. The schemes we have announced today are designed to target key bottlenecks around the country, making life easier for the thousands of motorists and businesses who use the local road network every day. Investing in these schemes shows that the government is serious about accelerating growth where it is needed most. These schemes have the potential to help create more than 100,000 jobs and around 100,000 new homes.' He concluded: 'I look forward to seeing works underway as soon as possible.'

Local Pinch Point Fund Approved Projects

Local Pinch Point Fund resources will, for starters, be spent on the Birmingham Ring Road. As such, workers' efforts between November 2013 and April 2015 will relieve congestion and make the route safer. All for £9.4 million which will come from both the government fund and local resources. This project will complement a new bridge that will be built over the M1 in Leicestershire. Its purpose will to be provide access to the New Lubbesthorpe Sustainable Urban Extension. Work will start in February 2014, finish in August 2015, and cost £8.7 million. Furthermore, the government will partially fund the creation of a new access route into the Etruria Valley site in Stoke-on-Trent from the A500 Wolstanton junction. All for £14.1 million. There are also plans to widen the A500 in Cheshire (£2.8 million), strengthen the Tennision Bridge in Croydon (£12.3 million), and convert the Pool Green Roundabout in Rotherham to a signalised crossroad (£4.9 million).

A full list of the successful bids can be found here

Why So little money. England is going or gone further than Africa. All roads need work. Why nil been spent on the A 27 -Lewis to Eastbourne. The Road network is a JOKE. GET GOING WE ARE 20 YEARS BEHIND. Norman

Nice to see that the A47 is forgotten once again. Maggie promised in 1980 that the A47 would be a duel carriageway from Leicester to Great Yarmouth by the year 2000. 13 years past the due date and nothing is even pencilled in.

What a joke. That amount of money is probably less than 1 day's revenue from petrol tax! New motorways are needed to get from A to B instead of having to go via C! Millions of pounds a day of lost productivity are wasted in traffic jams. This country is getting left behind when you see developments in Europe.

It's great news that the landslip at Rothbury will be repaied. However, this has nothing to do with congestions so these funds should not be used for the repair. Maybe they should try and improve congestion around Newcastle-upon-Tyne.