posted 2 years ago

New Night Breaker Laser Headlamp Bulb Produces 130% More Light

Key features and benefits of this new headlamp bulb that makes motoring safer by improving visibility.

Comparative performance

The OSRAM Night Breaker Laser is a new, premium, pure xenon, headlamp bulb that produces up to 130% more light than the manufacturer's standard, OE, bulb. In addition, reach is up to 40 metres further and the beam 20% whiter than a standard halogen. These strengths ensure it is part of the brand's performance range.

The Night Breaker Laser bulb makes motoring safer and more enjoyable. The benefit is that it enables motorists to more easily see – and see sooner, of course - hazards such as cars, cyclists, pedestrians, animals and potholes. It is for those that want “the maximum performance from their headlight”, the manufacturer stated.

OSRAM explained why its new bulb is effective. The manufacturing process includes laser ablation which is the process of removing material from the outer surface to form an “extremely precise window” for the light to penetrate, it said. Further performance comes from a “highly engineered filament” and the “pure xenon gas”. 


Night Breaker Laser can be purchased in a single box, a single blister pack and duo pack. Available ECE Types are H4 and H7. The packaging is red to distinguish it from the manufacturer's other products. Furthermore, each light bulb has “Night Breaker” engraved onto its surface which creates a distinctive, high quality, finish.

Short film

OSRAM has a short film to emphasise the benefits of its product. It starts with a man driving through an urban area, at night. Sites include: large buildings, art on the walls and a predominantly empty street that is brightly lit via the manufacturer's new bulbs.

The vehicle passes through a barrier into an empty, multi-story, car park and stops between the rows of empty spaces. Ahead is a long, empty, region that is brightly lit. The man adjusts his left glove, then stretches for his golf club which is on the rear seats.

He then places a golf ball on the floor in front of the car, takes a swing then watches as the ball vanishes into the distance. The headlamps – that have a considerable range, of course – enable him to keep track of his efforts. The message on the screen reads: “Light is striking. Break with convention. Enter a new dimension”. 

Summary specification

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser key benefits include:

  • up to 130% more light (than standard OSRAM OE halogen);
  • 20% whiter light (than standard OSRAM OE halogen);
  • up to 40m longer beam (than standard OSRAM OE halogen);
  • laser etched performance window;
  • brand name on the bulb;
  • highly engineered filament;
  • pure xenon gas filling;
  • ECE approved and road legal;
  • like-for-like replacement of standard halogen bulbs.