posted 8 years ago

New Nissan 4x4 Offers

4x4 offers make it easy to purchase terrain-taming vehicles.

Nissan 4x4 offers make it easy to purchase terrain-taming vehicles. The mighty Pathfinder Tekna 2.5 DCI 190, for example, can conquer monstrous conditions for only £349 per-month. This contract, which lasts for thirty-seven months, also requires an £11,857 deposit. Motorists who want to keep their mud-plungers beyond the term will need to settle the £12,712 optional purchase payment. All this with a 'representative' 6.9% APR. Alternatively, buy it outright for £33,560. This is clearly a considerable sum but the Pathfinder is extremely accomplished.

The Nissan X-Trail is the Pathfinder's smaller sibling. In Tekna 2.0 DCI 173 form, this could be ploughing through your garden for thirty-seven payments of £299. Oh, there is also the £10,245 deposit to consider. Japanese 4x4 lovers can later avoid handing it back by settling the £10,941 optional purchase payment. As with the Pathfinder, this package's representative APR is a pleasing 6.9%. Unlike its brother, the X-Trail can be bought outright for only £28,880.

Another type of Nissan 4x4 offer relates to the striking Navara. There is no optional final purchase payment here, as the package is a hire-purchase agreement. By contrast, the Pathfinder and X-Trail are available on personal contract purchase plans. So, cough-up the £12,969 deposit, then twenty-four payments of £539, and the Navara Tekna DCI 190 is yours. More good news is that the contract's interest rate is precisely zero. That sounds good to me.