posted 5 years ago

New Nissan Juke-R Hits 170MPH

Hold on tight. The new Nissan Juke-R will be faster than the speed of light.

Hold on tight. The new Nissan Juke-R will be faster than the speed of light. It will make the Starship Enterprise look like an old tractor, and terrify little old ladies. But why? This one-off technical study will be powered by the Nissan GT-R's 3.8-litre V6 twin- turbo engine. Oh my! That thing produces a staggering 480bhp. The effect on the pint- sized Juke-R will be profound. The race to 62mph will take 4 seconds and this compact crossover will charge to a mighty 170mph. That is a higher top speed than the Porsche Boxter, Lotus Elise, and Morgan Roadster. Perhaps it could out-accelerate Concorde too.

This compact rocket - which is nicknamed the Super-Juke - will have four-wheel-drive to transfer its monstrous power to the tarmac. It will also have a lowered, stiffened, chassis and an extremely aggressive posture. So, brace yourself for the in-your-face carbon- fibre body-kit. Admire the split rear wing, and gaze in awe at the bonnet's large air-vents. These will suck-up enough air to make the world struggle for breath. What a contrast to the entry-level Juke that produces 108bhp. Perhaps we should start a petition to get the Juke-R launched as a production vehicle. I suspect it would sell quicker than booze to students.

Its fast but sadly it seems we wont be able to compare it with concord, fast is the Paris gun of 1916,,!!!!! Check it out!!!!

Nissan would be stupid not to put this fantastic vehicle on the market. What a bargain it would be. Where's the order book!!

What an abject wast of time, money and resources!! Get a life,Nissan.

Right,,,WHY...any car with a huge powerplant will hit silly speeds and l just DONT see the point in this study but just for the publicity.Take a lesson from Caterham 2.0 Dura engine in a super sexy lightwieght car = Fun,speed,insane and Karma....

There is a technical error in the article - the Juke-R is not faster than the speed of light which travels at 186,282 miles per second!