posted 6 years ago

New Nissan LEAF Prices

Is the Nissan LEAF more expensive than funding a mission to Mars?

Is the Nissan LEAF more expensive than funding a mission to Mars? It can feel it, as this battery powered hatchback costs £30,990 before the Government's electric vehicle incentive reduces the cost to £25,990. Even that is plenty considering the Jaguar XF only costs from £29,950. But motorists can increase the price of the LEAF further. Sixteen-inch alloy wheels, for starters, cost £799.99 - and front parking sensors a further £365.21. Body protecting side mouldings relieve motorists of £189, and hologram entry guards cost £169. These logos sit near the seats, above the sills. Even a charging port cover is £176. Ouch!

However, quality costs and the LEAF is a capable machine. Why? Because unlike some electric vehicles it feels like a 'proper' car. After all it seats five, and has a spacious 330- litre boot. Its handling is composed too, the ride comfortable, and it hits 62mph in a decent 11.9 seconds thanks to its 108bhp motor. This complements fantastic standard features such as the: reversing camera, key-less entry system, and touch-screen display. Furthermore, the LEAF has a range – according to Nissan - of up to 109 miles, and can be charged in twelve hours via a standard plug. The optional 16A system gets the job done in eight, and super-fast charging points are popping-up across the UK. So yes, the LEAF can feel pricier than space travel, but it is an electric vehicle you could live with everyday. And guess what? It never needs diesel. So, where can I find £25,990? Plus options, of course?