posted 5 years ago

New Nissan LEAF Tekna Collected By Mark Goodier

New Nissan LEAF Tekna Range & Charging Time

Mark Goodier - the Top of the Pops legend - has become the first person in the UK to collect a Nissan LEAF Tekna. And why not? This second-generation fully electric car does, after all, have more than one-hundred improvements over the outgoing model that the broadcaster has been driving since 2011. Highlights include the extended range, so this five-door hatchback is capable of one-hundred and twenty-four miles rather than one-hundred and nine. This comes courtesy of the lower friction mechanical components, the more aerodynamic front grill, the more efficient energy/battery management technology and the revised heating system. As with every electric car, however, its range varies according to the conditions. As such, accelerating uphill to high speed while heavily laden requires far more power than cruising on a flat road with one person aboard. Furthermore, the Nissan LEAF Tekna can be charged in about half the time of its predecessor so it is far easier to live with (four hours via Nissan 32A Home Charging Unit).

Mark Goodier Discusses New Nissan LEAF Tekna

Mr Goodier said: “I’ve loved every moment and every mile in my Nissan LEAF and so when I heard the second generation was on its way I signed up straight away.” The ex-Top of the Pops presenter added: “I can’t wait to start driving it and discover just what difference the one-hundred plus improvements Nissan has made to the model will make for me.”

New Nissan LEAF Tekna Equipment Specification

The Nissan LEAF Tekna is the top of the range model so it has a nice specification. Highlights include: Bluetooth with voice recognition, a Bose stereo, and Nissan's Around View Monitor that provides an all-round view of the surroundings via four cameras and a colour screen. This makes parking easy so the bodywork – which looks similar to the older model's - should stay intact. The LEAF also has heavier steering than its predecessor, more progressive brakes and superior suspension for a more planted feel. This complements its larger boot that has less bulky intrusions as the battery charger has been relocated under the bonnet. So, what we have is a properly considered evolution of an already capable car. As with every electric vehicle, however, it remains to be seen how long the batteries last - but the Nissan LEAF Tekna further cermets its manufacturer's reputation as one of the best electric car producers on the planet (just ask Mark Goodier).