posted 4 years ago

New Nissan Note Acenta Premium 0% APR Finance

New Nissan Note Acenta Premium Around View Monitor

The Nissan Note Acenta Premium 0% Hire Purchase Plan makes the heart beat faster than a first date. Why? Because it makes this compact multi-purpose vehicle surprisingly affordable. Finance terms include the £7,031 deposit that is followed by thirty-six monthly payments of £199. The total cost, therefore, is £14,195 which is the cost of taking a date to one of those pretentious “gastro” pubs. For that price the Note has the Style Pack that includes a carbon fibre-style rear bumper, roof spoiler and skirts that run the length of its sills between the wheels. At the end of the contract the motorist owns the car with nothing further to pay. He/she then continues to benefit from the high equipment specification that is more magical than a first date in Paris. The Around View Monitor, for example, incorporates a camera on each side. These – courtesy of a colour screen on the dashboard – present the motorist with an aerial view of the surroundings. Its purpose is to make parking and manoeuvring straightforward – and it succeeds. The motorist no longer has to guess (say) how far the bumper is from a wall, or how far the left wheels are from the kerb. Good thing too. Bad parking wrecks first dates.

New Nissan Note Acenta Premium Safety Shield 

The Nissan Note Acenta Premium has a Safety Shield too. This incorporates three systems. Firstly, Blind Spot Monitoring – when travelling above 20mph – illuminates a light in the relevant wing mirror when a vehicle is out of the motorist's line of sight. If he/she then indicates to change lane, the symbol becomes more prominent and there is an audible warning. That is more impressive than bringing roses to a first date. The Note also has Lane Departure Warning that scans white lane markings when travelling at 45mph (or above). It beeps if the vehicle wanders. That is more impressive than ordering champagne on a first date. Finally, Moving Object Detection warns the motorist when something/someone is manoeuvring nearby. It therefore beeps if (say) a cyclist races passed the rear of the vehicle while it is reversing. Such technology is more impressive than presenting a date with diamonds. But this car is more than a collection of ingenious gadgets. It also has confident handling, excellent build quality, low running costs and – with its rear seats flat - the cargo capacity of an estate. The Note is guaranteed a second date.