posted 6 years ago

New Nissan Pixo Launched

The new Nissan Pixo has more strings to its bow than a prize winning archer.

The new Nissan Pixo has more strings to its bow than a prize winning archer. More, in fact, than Robin Hood himself. Most notable compared to the out-going version, is that in five-speed manual form this city car's emissions are only 99g/km. That is 4g/km less than its predecessor, and ensures this run-around is eligible for free road tax and except from the London Congestion Charge. Robin must be thrilled. And guess what? The new Nissan Pixo 1.0-litre manual averages 65.7mpg, rather than 64.2mpg. It has acceptable performance too, hitting 62mph in fourteen seconds. That is quicker than Mr Hood's horse.

The new Nissan Pixo has a revised interior too. So, say 'stand and deliver' to the auto- dimming rear-view mirror – a feature normally reserved for prestigious machinery. Also, the door trims around the glove box and the central console are now black rather than grey. This creates a classier feel and complements two new metallic paint finishes, Glistening Grey and Midnight Purple. The latter matches Robin's tights. The revised Pixo also retains its easy handling characteristics, pleasing build quality, five doors, and quirky looks. Sadly, it also still has that 129-litre boot - so there is not much space for Mr Hood to store his loot.

The new Nissan Pixo is available in VISIA and n-tec form, both of which knock-out 68PS. The VISIA – which costs £7,250 on-the-road – has: power steering, front air-bags, key-less entry, a CD player, and anti-lock brakes. The n-tec adds: electric windows, air-con, side air-bags, alloys, and 50/50 split rear seats. This costs £8,250 in manual form, and £9,150 in the less fuel efficient auto guise. However, Robin reckons the entry-level trim is the best value for money, and I dare not argue his point. This outlaw has a bow and arrow, after all.