posted 5 years ago

New Nissan X-Trail arrives July

Residual values boosted by new styling

The new Nissan X-Trail will arrive in dealerships from July 17th, the residual values has been boosted by new styling, market lead technology and safety features. The new X-Trail will retain almost 53% of its value after three years or 30,000 miles which is a nine percent improvement across the range equivalent to up to £3200. With residual values now in line with the new Qashqai, the RVs place the new X-Trail ahead of key competitors in the crossover/SUV category, making the X-Trail an attractive proposition for fleet managers.

Barry Beeston, Nissan GB Corporate Sales Director said  “alongside the recently launched Qashqai, the new X-Trail is a strong prospect for fleet managers looking to reduce their running costs and maximise their investment during the vehicle’s lifecycle. Not only will owners get more value for their new X-Trail after three years, but the associated benefit is a significant reduction in wholelife costs too, up to 10% better versus its predecessor. The new X-Trail is fitted with an impressive list of safety and technology features as standard, while the striking design and the fact that it’s been completely redesigned from the ground up means it now caters to a much broader range of customers than before, including those buyers in the traditional D segment. As a result of the uplift in RVs for new X-Trail, Nissan’s latest crossover is now more economical to own and run and will build on Nissan’s reputation for producing stylish, spacious, safe and economical crossover vehicle.”

The new Nissan X-Trail has been completely redesigned, it is just as tough and accomplished as the previous generation model, but adds crossover style and efficiency, exciting design, innovative technology and exceptional comfort. New design features and details include bold new headlamps available with LED as standard on high-grade models and a distinctive new LED signature strip that makes the car instantly recognisable at night. Other details include a powered tailgate and an opening panoramic moonroof.

The new X-Trail launches with an advanced dCi 130 turbodiesel powerplant, capable of delivering combined fuel consumption of 57.6mpg while emitting just 129g/km CO2, making it a convincing option for company car drivers. With features such as forward emergency braking, driver attention alert, traffic sign recognition, lane departure warning, blind spot warning, moving object detection and high beam assist, the new X-Trail has confirmed Nissan’s position as the world leader in crossovers.

The new X-Trail Acenta 2WD five seater manual will cost you approximately £24,795, the residual value of 3% or £12,800 after three years means the X-Trail is set to retain approximately £2000 more over its first three years of life compared to the outgoing equivalent  which is a massive 9% increase. Good news all round ! 


Oh look it's a Hyundai Santa Fe, no, it can't be it's wearing a Nissan badge... Must be the new Quashqai. No? Oh I see it now, it's the new X-Trail !!!

Looks Good.