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New Penalties For Disqualified Drivers That Kill And Injure

Government Announces Tough New Penalties For Disqualified Drivers

The Government has confirmed that disqualified drivers that kill/seriously injure will soon face tougher penalties. Those that kill will, therefore, face up to ten years imprisonment – rather than the current two years – and those that seriously injure will face up to four years behind bars. As of now, there is no specific offence of causing serious injury while disqualified. These tougher measures are – according to the government “designed to reflect the devastating impact on victims and their families”. The changes are expected to be implemented in early 2015. Furthermore, Justice Secretary Chris Grayling has revealed there will be a review of driving offences and penalties “to ensure people who endanger lives and public safety are properly punished.” This will include any offences committed by uninsured and unlicensed drivers. 

Justice Secretary Discusses New Penalties

The Justice Secretary, Chris Grayling, said: “I want to make our roads safer and ensure people who cause harm face tough penalties. Disqualified drivers should not be on our roads for good reason. Those who chose to defy a ban imposed by a court and go on to destroy innocent lives must face serious consequences.” Mr Grayling added: “Today, we are sending a clear message that anyone who does will face much tougher punishment.”

Safety Charity Welcomes Tougher Penalties And Government Review

Road Safety Charity Brake – that “exists to stop the needless deaths and serious injuries that happen on roads” – reacted positively to the tougher penalties and wider review. Its Deputy Chief Executive, Julie Townsend, said: "Brake has long campaigned for a shake-up of charges and penalties for risky and irresponsible drivers who kill and injure on our roads.” She added: “Brake supports families who have been deeply and permanently affected by selfish and risky behaviour at the wheel and we frequently hear from these families that they feel terribly let down by our justice system. As such, we strongly welcome Chris Grayling's announcement of a thorough review this year. The paltry sentences handed out for deaths and injuries caused by disqualified drivers - who have no right to be on the road in the first place - are one of the worst injustices in the current system and Brake strongly welcomes the government's move to address this. Getting behind the wheel when you have been banned from driving is a deliberate and illegal choice and to often leads to devastating tragedies. The penalties must reflect this."


fast food delivery drivers usually foreign and not insured to deliver and proberly not even aware

Having watched last night's episode of 'Barely Legal Drivers' the young female driver, Dominique should be instantly banned from driving. The Law should be enforced and strengthened as proposed in this article. The ex-policewoman who witnessed her driving should also rethink the messages she is putting out. 'Dom' has no awareness or regard for other drivers, she constantly took both hands off the wheel, she regularly used her mobile phone, barely ever used her rear view mirror, played very loud music; I would fine anyone playing music you can hear from outside the car - how on earth can the hear other vehicles or emergency sirens? She zoomed around parking lots, and raced into slots and all the policewoman said was that she was impressed with her parking skill!!!!! Rightly, she didn't get the new car but from the clear evidence on TV she should be prosecuted and her licence removed until she can prove she is worthy to be on the roads. She has already had 3 crashes - I think that says it all. If you are a prat why prove it to the world on TV?

I think all foreign drivers should be at least made to take a basic driving test before using an International licence and then a full test after 1year. All new drivers should have 100hrs of professional driving instruction. You cant beat good training.

Yeah used to be a fireman and they should all be dowsed in petrol and burnt alive and the ashes stamped on. If not the electric chair maybe.

I also feral that the govt should introduce bhp/kW staged testing for new/young drivers like they have done to the motorcycle test with a min age of 25 for a direct access type test

As a former policeman I think all motoring offences that cause death should get a min of 20 years, with compensation to next of kin, this should be taken from the proceeds of property or savings with a min set at £50,000. As regards driving causing serious injury a min of 5 years and licence reapplied for.

The penalty for ALL violent crimes should be a MINIMUM of ten years and increasing for the severity. e.g.. Injury by unlicensed / uninsured driver - minimum of ten years. Death by unlicensed / uninsured driver - minimum of twenty years. Don't forget that a car is a dangerous weapon and the law should treat it as such.

As well as long sentences they should be banned for life and all assets confiscated.