posted 3 years ago

New Range Rover Sport 5.0 V8 Climbs Staircase

New Range Rover Sport Terrain Response 2

Honest - the Range Rover Sport 5.0 V8 climbs staircases. This – without a word of a lie – can be confirmed via my first hand experience. It simply leaps over such obstacles like an over-zealous kangaroo. It can also plough through monstrous mud and wade through water 850mm deep. That is slightly more than the previous model. Furthermore, the motorist can see how far water is rising relative to the limit via a large, touch screen, display on the dashboard (honest). The Range Rover's capability comes in part from its Terrain Response 2 System. This allows the driver to select the “mode” which best suits the conditions. Options include: mud and ruts, sand, rock crawl, grass/gravel/snow, general driving and now – unlike its predecessor – fully automatic. Among other things these modes change the response of the throttle, transmission and traction control to help the tyres stick to the surface. As such, this workhorse makes the average motorist look like a superhero over challenging terrain. It feels like it could charge through a mountain range easier than the average hatchback can cruise through a car park (honest).

New Range Rover Sport 5.0 V8 Autobiography Review

Honest – the Range Rover Sport 5.0 V8 Autobiography is also impressive on the road. As such the ride – which comes courtesy of air suspension that can be raised/lowered - is supremely refined and it corners with the utmost confidence. These characteristics complement the luxurious cabin that has remarkable features such as a screen that shows two images at the same time. And not via split screen, two images simultaneously fill the entire surface at the same moment. Which image is visible varies according to the motorist's seating position. So, the driver might see (say) the satellite navigation readout while the front passenger watches television. Best avoid daytime chat shows – they make the brain melt like chocolate cake in the desert. The clever screen lives alongside the eighteen-way memory seats, all-around cameras, powered tailgate, electric parking brake, heated windscreen and the key-less entry system. This beast can even steer itself into parallel paring bays. The only niggles are that its bulk can make manoeuvring tricky in town and it only averages 22.1mpg. But hey, the latter is the cost of having a 5.0-litre, 510PS, petrol engine which propels this 4x4 to 62mph in 5 seconds. That is fast - honestly.


Bet it cost about £30 to climb those steps too .about time Land rover started going a bit more green like Jaguar have, still they are my dream car to own.

Why five uses of "honest"? Am I missing something? Are you known for untruths, Stephen?