posted 4 years ago

New Recycling Tyre Scheme

Help the environment and recycle

A new tyre recycling scheme will now give motorists the chance to help out the planet when changing their worn out tyres.  Approximately forty million waste car and van tyres are generated each year and now there is a responsible way of disposing of them.

Mike Wilson, president, Tyre Recovery Association, said “historically, drivers didn’t really know what happened to their old tyres once they were removed from their vehicle. However, from now on, if they go to a ‘Responsible Retailer’ they can have the confidence that their tyres are being disposed of legally and perhaps more importantly, in an environmentally friendly manner as possible.”

A ‘Responsible Retailer’ is a retailer who meets a strict set of guidelines who therefore displays the ‘Responsible Retailer’ badge which has been launched and backed by influential organizations including Motor Codes the government backed self-regulatory body for the motor industry, as well as the Independent Garage Association’s ‘Trust My Garage’ scheme and the Environment Agency.  To earn the ‘Responsible Retailer’ status, garages will be independently audited to ensure the waste tyres they generate are collected by authorised handlers who then dispose of them in the proper manner. Drivers using a ‘Responsible Retailer’ can then have total confidence that the tyres being removed from their vehicle are being dealt with and reprocessed in a legal and environmentally friendly manner.

New life for your old tyres

Long gone are the days of dumping tyres in landfills this was made illegal in 2006. There are now much better uses for old tyres. The good news is that through the small environmental charge paid to tyre retailers by drivers changing their tyres results in many innovative and different ways to find new uses for waste tyres, including being recycled for carpet underlay, running tracks and artificial sports pitches.

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