posted 5 years ago

New Regent Street Motor Show

The Regent Street Motor Show is an all-new and free motoring extravaganza.

The Regent Street Motor Show is an all-new and free motoring extravaganza. It takes place on November 5th 2011 in London, and will feature three-hundred iconic cars from the past, present, and future. Highlights will include about one-hundred nineteenth century cars complete with drivers and passengers in period costumes. The twentieth century will be represented by fifty Jaguar E-Types and fifty Mini Coopers – and eighty super-efficient cars will represent the world of twenty-first century motoring. These will be fresh from the Brighton to London RAC Future Car Challenge that takes place that morning. Sounds fun.

The Regent Street Motor Show will stretch one-third of a mile from Piccadilly Circus to Conduit Street - and is expected to entertain over 250,000 visitors. As such the area will be closed to traffic, except of course for the vehicles on display and the occasional child on a skateboard. As Regent Street is notorious as a swanky shopping hot-spot, visitors will also have the chance to browse for winter bargains. Could be handy, I need a new coat.

Speaking on behalf of the Regent Street Association, Annie Walker said: “We have welcomed the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run into Regent Street for the Concours d’Elegance for many years - and last year we were delighted with the introduction of the display of new, low-energy cars from the inaugural Brighton to London RAC Future Car Challenge. We look forward to welcoming all the participants, spectators and regular shoppers to Regent Street, for what promises to be a truly unique and memorable motoring spectacular.”