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New Renault Range Overview For 2018

Renault Twingo, Clio, Clio Renault Sport, Megane and Megane Sport Tourer overview, special skills and prices

Manufacturer warranty

Renault produces fashionable city, supermini, and small family class cars that have striking exterior styling and a 3 year, 60,000 mile, manufacturer warranty. Discover the highlights below. 

Renault Twingo


The Twingo is a small, city class, hatchback that makes the road “your playground”, the manufacturer said. Its purpose is to be a low cost, unpretentious, runabout that works best in busy, congested, urban environments. Strengths include its 5 doors, youthful styling and the 219-litre cargo capacity. All from £9,995.

Its special skill is that it is easy to manoeuvre and park. Note the 0.9-litre, 90hp, Petrol Automatic Iconic version, for example. It has a reversing camera and parking sensors. Furthermore, like its siblings it is merely 3,595mm long, 1,646mm wide and the turning circle is 8.59 metres. Good visibility further facilitates. 

Renault Clio


The Clio is a supermini that has “irresistible charm”, Renault said. Its purpose is to inherit strengths from its sibling – the Twingo - then add a bit more space and refinement. It therefore excels in town and better suits longer, faster, journeys on major roads. It is 4,062mm long, 1,732mm wide and the boot is 300-litres. 

Its special skill is low running costs. Consider the 1.5-litre, 90hp, S&S Eco Diesel Manual Dynamique Nav, for instance. It averages 88.3mpg, returns 91.1mpg on the extra-urban cycle and 85.6mpg in town. Furthermore, emissions are 82g/km so it can be taxed for only £100 in its first year. New prices start at £12,445. 

Clio Renault Sport


The Clio Renault Sport 1.6-litre, 220hp, Petrol Automatic is the high performance, hard-core, version of the manufacturer’s supermini. “Feel like every day is race day”, Renault said. Its purpose is to be a fast, thrilling, and stylish yet cost very little relative to its power and status. Price start from £20,295.

Its special skill is blistering performance. The turbocharged engine propels it to 62mph in 6.6 seconds and produces 280Nm of torque, at only 2,000rpm. Optimised handling, sporty styling and steering wheel paddles that change gear further enhance its status. 

Renault Megane


The Megane is a small, family class, hatchback that offers “elegant form, classy lines and uncompromising choices”, the manufacturer said. Its purpose is to be a practical, stylish, workhorse that is big enough for a family but not so vast it is a pain to drive. It is therefore 4,359mm long, 1,814mm wide and the boot is 434-litres.

Its special skill is the high equipment specification. Consider the 1.6-litre, 165hp, Diesel Automatic GT Nav, for example. Standard features include: all wheel steering, dual zone climate control, automatic lights, automatic windscreen wipers, electronic parking brake, 8.7” touchscreen, numerous apps, reversing camera, front and rear parking sensors, hill start assist and satellite navigation.

Megane Sport Tourer


The Megane Sport Tourer is a small, family class, estate that encourages you to “rediscover real sensations”, its manufacturer suggested. Its purpose is to inherit strengths from its sibling - the Megane Hatchback – then add length and a larger boot. It is 4,626mm long, 1,814mm wide and the boot capacity totals 580-litres. 

Its special skill is lugging cargo. Available throughout the range, the rear seats fold flat to increase capacity to 1,695-litres. That combined with the high roof and big tailgate make it perfect for furniture. Further boot features include retaining hooks, nets and side storage bins. New Megane Sport Tourer prices start at £19,090.