posted 7 years ago

New Renault Twingo Prices

Place your bets... how much is the new Renault Twingo?

Place your bets... how much is the new Renault Twingo? Do I hear £7,500? Is that £8,000, madam? No, this city car costs £10,350 in Dynamique form – the only non- Renaultsport version. Does that sound expensive? The Ford Ka, after all, starts at £8,725, and the Nissan Pixo and Hyundai i10 cost from £7,195 and £9,345 respectively. Mmm! Furthermore, the Renault Twingo's optional electronic stability programme increases the price by £425. Climate control costs a further £295, an electric sunroof is £650, and metallic paint sets motorists back another £460. These options increase the overall cost to £12,180.

But who cares? I know at least one person who thinks the Twingo is 'the most perfect car in the world'. Why? Because she claims its 'cheeky' face has 'eyelids' over the headlights to emphasis a 'playful character' - and that is more important than price. She loves its side profile too, and is convinced it is a style statement. Either way, this urban plaything feels fairly spacious, has confident handling, and respectable performance. As such, the 1.2-litre 75bhp Renault Twingo reaches 62mph in 12.3 seconds and averages 55.4mpg. Not too bad. So, perhaps this run-around is expensive – but it is a capable fashion statement with a wallet-full of character. And I bet - at least for some people – that justifies any price. Mmm!