posted 6 years ago

New Road and Parking Sensors Tip-Off Traffic Wardens

A new system enables traffic wardens to pounce on motorists who overstay their welcome in parking bays

A new system enables traffic wardens to pounce on motorists who overstay their welcome in parking bays. Metereye - which is produced by Town and City Parking Ltd - incorporates sensors fitted to parking bays. These can be recessed into surfaces, or mounted onto concrete/paving, in both covered and outside spaces. According to the Metereye website, these relay “vehicle arrival, occupancy and departure data directly to hand-held devices” so that “one attendant can be responsible for two or three sites at the same time”. Furthermore, the technology could be used to define the areas motorists park most frequently. Local Authorities could then raise prices for busy areas - further hurting drivers.

But pleasingly, the system could help motorists as well as wardens. Westminster Council – which already operates the new technology - has created a mobile application. This picks-up signals from the sensors then relays the position of empty parking spaces to smart devices such as iPads. Motorists then simply drive to locations confident they can park. Edinburgh City Council has also installed the system, and the The Daily Mail says its manufacturer claims that “other local authorities, retailers, and a major sports stadium have also expressed an interest”. This has caused concern among some motoring groups.

As such The Guardian has reported that Luke Bosdet, from the AA, said: “It is likely to confirm drivers' suspicions that this sort of technology favours Big Brother rather than the motorist, despite what councils say". Professor Stephen Glaister, Director of the RAC Foundation, added: “This gives wardens the equivalent of eyes in the backs of their heads”. Furthermore Paul Pearson, who runs a campaign, called said: “This is absolutely disgraceful that councils are looking to increase their war on the motorist and yet raise yet more money and dressing it up as something entirely different. Why can’t they just be honest? They are just highway bandits”.


How right most of the comments are, indeed, my sentiments too! but nothing will ever be changed just with rhetoric. Time to do something to hit back at BIG BROTHER, but for as long as we, motorists, continue to drive a car we will remain vulnerable to all the dirty schemes the authorities can dream of. Clearly the only solution for us is to give up driving just as it is clear to the "BANDITS" that we simply cannot do that and the abuses will continue till the end of the motor car and beyond, of course!!!

I hate it when articles say Traffic Wardens when they mean Parking Attendants. TW's were attached to the Police and their main purpose was meant to be to keep things ticking along smoothly (though some were little Hitlers). PA's are there purely to get the money in and rarely give a hoot about shafting motorists at the first chance.

I have said it before and at the risk of repeating myself, our lords and masters are nothing but pigs in the trough scum and do not give a fig for anyone but themselves and their fat pensions.

This to me is the modern day equivalent of Dick Turpin the notorious highwayman. It is blatant HIGHWAY ROBBERY!

Councils need more to feed the 'fat cats' who work (wrong word) there, as they are an uncontrolled mafia. The motorist is the cash cow and climate change/global warming is just another excuse - look at the nonsenses like wind turbines which don't work in still cold weather just when we need electricity. We also need to import sunshine to charge our electric cars.....another government scam to extract money for another hairbrained scheme. We should all have pedal cars, economy achieved as all speed humps and cameras could be removed: money saved.

I have been wondering what I pay £166 a month in council tax for? The council won't empty the bins weekly, won't take glass for recycling and have a new collection system where one lorry with a crew of 3 has been replaced by 3 smaller lorries with 3 crew and they try to say this is a cost saving measure!!!! Maybe the Welsh council officials were not taught basic maths? Nothing surprises me with councils any more! Ours Ceredigion is totally corrupt from my experience. It's fine all this in town (not) but how do we country bumpkins get around once cars have been taxed off the roads? I don't see public transport being the answer not since Beaching removed all the railways in Rural West Wales! Wait and see with all the "global warming" making it rain more they will be taxing the life boats soon for using the roads to rescue flood victims.

easy answer. just stay away from town or city car parks also any other greedy establishments. shop online their loss not ours if one does the boycott of car parks.

The real reason is the Council Tax freeze. Councils think it's OK to milk us by whatever other methods they can rather than become more efficient.

I know a major supermarket in a city that already has this installed to ticket anyone staying over the 2 hours free parking provided. Before it was installed you could never get a parking space at the supermarket because people working in town would abuse the car park and park there all day for free, avoiding using the council pay & display or the very cheap edge of town park and ride services. Supermarket shoppers need the spaces as its unrealistic to carry a full weeks shop on the bus, not unrealistic to expect a city worker to pay £2 to catch the park and ride bus ( which is free to park) when often have they have nothing to carry.

Why not just increase road tax to £1000 per year, raise petrol to £10.00 per litre, raise parking charges to £20.00 an hour. Raise car insurance to £2000 per annum for drivers with full NCD. and Finally, introduce a new Daily charge for driving your vehicle on the road on a daily basis. The payment to be made on line via debit/credit card. The payment to start at £10.00 for a 1 litre car and increasing to £50.00 per day for a 4 litre vehicle etc. This way people may just as well get their car crushed and walk everywhere! It will cripple the economy but one day these charges will be made. The country already crippled will be ruined even more. Retail trade will collapse entire;y and it will be caused by the greed of the local authorities.

Clearly of no benefit to the motorist without an ipad or iphone, and a clear example of councils treating motorists as easy money. Parking charges are a parasitic business and are taking money away from honest productive local businesses. Shame on those that promote or implement this use of technology.

Thats all right then. I'll just drive to John Lewis or the nearest out-of-town Mall, where the parking is free!

we are already taxed more than most countries higher petrol higher parking charges all in the name of global warming not climate change which appears to of happened several times in the earths history animals produce more harmful gases than humans and one eruption from a volcano produces more toxins and gases than the entire human race since the start of the industrial revolution but who gets the blame the motorist I no lets start riding horses oops we can't they produce harmfull gases to damage the road but don't get taxed