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New Roadside Drug Testing Kit

The police can now test motorists for cannabis at the roadside

The police can now test motorists for cannabis at the roadside via new equipment which has been approved by the Home Office. “Drugalysers” - via mouth swabs – search for tetrahydrocannabinol which is a chemical compound in the banned substance. However, follow-up blood tests are required for prosecutions. Drawing blood was previously the only way the authorities could test for cannabis. This, of course, took time as medical professionals were required to perform the procedures. These delays - on occasions - might have allowed the substance to pass through offenders' systems. As such, it is possible that some dangerous drivers escaped their prosecutions. The roadside kit closes this loophole, so the conviction rate could increase as the new equipment is rolled-out. Furthermore, it is likely that the technology will evolve to detect other illegal substances. Those found guilty of drug driving receive similar penalties as drinkers. These include: twelve month bans, criminal records, and £5,000 fines. Car insurance premiums could rise too, and some might find themselves out of work. Most seriously, those who cause “death by dangerous driving” could get fourteen year prison sentences.

Policing and Criminal Justice Minister, Damian Green, said: Those who take drugs and go out on the roads are a menace to pedestrians, other motorists, and themselves. This government has pledged to clamp down on the harm drug drivers cause by giving the police new testing equipment”. Mr Green concluded: “We are determined to ensure the police have access to new technology to ensure drug drivers are caught and punished.”

Cannabis road side drug testing

Cannabis is the most widely used illegal drug in the United Kingdom, according to It is popular because it can - on occasions - help users “feel chilled out, relaxed, and happy”. Some people also experience hunger which is called “getting the munchies”. It can also feel as if time is slowing down and some users become talkative and giggly. Whereas that might sound harmless there are more serious effects too. These include: anxiety, suspicion, panic, and paranoia. The substance can also make it hard to learn/concentrate and has been linked to poor exam results. It can also hinder fertility as it cuts sperm count and suppresses ovulation. It can harm unborn babies too. Cannabis has also been linked to schizophrenia, lung disease, lung cancer, and can cause hallucinations. These can be extremely unpleasant. As such, revealed that research recently published in the British Medical Journal found that “those driving under the influence of cannabis had nearly double the risk of a crash.” Food for thought?

Get your friends to leave you with somting nice for later, what about minimum 28 days in system, wont be many drivers left at this rate, SHAME on the SYSTEM

Those "side effects" are just daft. Maybe some people are affected in that way, the same as how some people get angry when they drink but Ive never experienced any of those negative side effects after many years of smoking ganja. And if you do, why would you continue to smoke it? Also, does this mean that if I drive home from my friends house after he's been smoking joints then I'm breaking the law, even if I havent had a toke myself?

2nd..... Substances from the Amphetamines family; do nothing but INCREASE allertness and awareness of EVERYTHING around the user..... Only the actual 'insomnia' is the killer. This causes a person, obviously highly sleep deprived to become delusional and even hallucagenic.... This again opposes the stuipidity of the testing as 'AMPHETAMINES' themselfs are actually a benefit to allertness!

1st Cannabbiss is in all areas of the bodily detection places required for testing for AT LEAST 28 days. This instantly creates the loop hole where all offenders need to confirm is they missused the substance 'WEEK BACK' Never the less however, any 1 heard of 'passive smoking' Stuipidity!

Great news the more drug users off the road the better, we will soon have drug testing in the work place to bring it on, lets stop drug users thinking they are above the law

All of this is just another way of taxing more money and another way to fine people just roll a j and stop moaning you bunch of sober bores

Anybody who has smoked Cannabis for a period of time will tell you that you build up a tolerance, I smoke my weed neat without tobacco , but only when i am not going to drive, yet if I was to give one of my smokes to a person who smokes theres with tobacco they are smashed out of their faces even though they have been smoking for years. if Cannabis stays in your system for weeks, does that mean smokers can never drive again, yet you can get completely legless on alcohol and drive the next day, yet we all know the damage that alcohol does. I dont condone driving under the influence of either, maybe a road side sobriety test would be fairer, or a competence test as they are a lot of drivers on the road who are just too stupid to drive and endanger lives every time they drive. There needs to be an acceptable level, the same as alcohol, based on individual users.

There sayin cannabis users are a menace and a danger, I passed my driving test after smoking cannabis, so I was under the influence so to speak! Do how can they justify wot they are sayin! Load ov crap! Cannabis can stay in your system for upto 4 weeks, that doesn't mean the day after you have smoked it your a danger to anyone, your reactions might be slightly slower than normal but your concentration on the road makes up for it as you see the danger well in advance, when I didn't have a smoke an drive the car I felt like I was on speed! Drive more erratic!! So thats more dangerous!! So they talk bollox!! Peace out!!

If all fossil fuels and their derivatives, as well as trees for paper and construction were banned in order to save the planet, reverse the Greenhouse Effect and stop deforestation; then there is only one known annually renewable natural resource that is capable of providing the overall majority of the world's paper and textiles; meet all of the world's transportation, industrial and home energy needs, while simultaneously reducing pollution, rebuilding the soil, and cleaning the atmosphere all at the same time... and that substance is -- the same one that did it all before -- Cannabis Hemp... Marijuana!

What a load of crap at the end, any one who has had a smoke knows whats its about, that report is lies and scare tactics.