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New Rules For Road Tax From October 2014

Pay Road Tax By Direct Debit

The Government has confirmed that the demise of the tax disc will coincide with a range of new rules. To clarify, from October 1st 2014 no vehicle will be required to display a disc in its windscreen. Even valid discs that expire (say) in January 2015 will be superfluous. Why the change? Because discs are simply receipts that can be checked by the police to ensure vehicles are taxed. This is no longer necessary as compliance is enforced via a computer-based database. The Government has also revealed that motorists will be able to pay by direct debit annually, six-monthly or monthly. Those that pay by instalments will incur a five percent surcharge and payments will continue until cancelled. However, there will be some people that cannot pay in this manner such as those with first registration vehicles, in fleet schemes and with HGVs (paying the Road User Levy). And there will be more changes. Motorists that sell cars privately will no longer be entitled to offer the "unexpired tax" incentive that adds value. Why? Because the absence of discs could make it easier for sellers to misrepresent how much tax is remaining. So, sellers will have to claim refunds for remaining months from the DVLA. Buyers will then re-tax online, at post offices, or via the phone before taking to the road.

History Of The Tax Disc In The United Kingdom

The first tax disc appeared in 1921 as a circular piece of paper with a grey background and black markings. More colourful versions followed in 1923 which incorporated a vertical band of (say) green. These discs were not perforated so motorists had to cut them from their surroundings with scissors or craft knifes. Alternatively, some people folded the squares into a round shapes and shoehorned them into their mounts. Perforations followed in 1938 then vanished in 1942. They reappeared in 1952. This gap might have been caused by the destruction of the necessary equipment during World War 2. Furthermore, until this point every disc - irrespective of when it was issued ‐ expired on December 31st. This was a nightmare for the issuers that were inundated with applications over festive periods. Mercifully, from 1961 drivers could pay for a twelve month disc at any point of the year. This coincided with rigorous anti-forging measures that included circular vignettes (designs), bands of colour plus the half-tone background.

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I'm just thinking how much money is being saved by Dvla..paper, postage, direct debits , reminders etc ...who will benefit ?

Just bought a car from a 2nd hand dealer. He said the tax runs out in Feb 2015? Is my car still taxed?

Stupid regulation. I am planing to change my car in a month time. Buying a second hand car as I can't affort brand new. I've seen a car on autotrader then need to pay the money to the owner, and here is the question. How can I pay road tax right on the spot, or even before to see the car. ??? How can I be sure that the car will worth the money to pay road tax in advance. Such a silly regulation.

can somebody please explain to me how I can buy a 125 motorcycle but by law I have to tax it before I drive it away when I got it delivered in a van for starters,secondly I cant tax it till its insured then when I go to insure it they cant insure it because I have my cbt booked but its 2 days after I want to insure it but they can insure me as a provisional driver then charge me more when I pass my cbt so how do I legally tax a vehicle when nobody will allow me to its going to create more and more untaxed and uninsured vehicles on our roads.

When buying a used car it means that the car is taxed twice in the month that you buy it.You should be able to use the remainder of the tax in the month that you buy it because how can you legally drive it home on the day you buy it.Insurance can be done over the phone

the new way to tax vehicles already has a serious can tax a vehicle that is not in your name with the v11 tax reminder as the data base only shows that the vehicle is insured and motd,if required, and not the driver/owners name who is taxing the vehicle or indeed insured for the vehicle that is being taxed.a step backwards I think.

wot do we do with the old taX DISC

Here we go again, this is yet another CON by these rubbish CONservatives, who actually believe what they say that they're a caring Government. All this new Tax Disc legislation does is take yet more money from our vastly eroded pay, due to the so called control of our pay rises-which has been proved over the years to have failed dramatically, and put yet more money into the Governments pockets. This also constricts the movement of second hand cars due to the tax being invalid as soon as the car is passed onto the new owner by the V5 showing the change of ownership. It's bad enough that we have to keep our cars ensured whilst they're still taxed, even when they're parked in a private driveway or on private land. This strangling the so called rising economy because the working population has even less money to spend than before due to this COMPLETELY STUPID new Road Tax, and also the strangle hold on our pay rises.

My daughter was told by the DVLC that anyone showing a tax disc after six weeks could be fined up to £1000. Surely this cannot be right? It hasn't been mentioned on any media.

IM confused by the above messages as it states quite clearly that 'the seller' can claim back their tax online when they sell their vehicle.

If you scrapped your car on the 10th of the month you only got the money back from the 1st of the following month, I can see no difference with the new scheme as you will collect any money owed to you exactly the same way but, anyone buying your car will have to insure it and tax it BEFORE they drive it away making driving without insurance a lot more difficult and if you drive a newish car with low tax £30 a year how much money are the government whoever they are actually making.

scenario for you I bought a car which costs 30 quid per year after lad had taxed it for twelve months ... he is only 3 months into 12 months tax but he surrenders tax and gets nothing.. then I have to tax car for 12 months who gains 9 months ... o lets see the robbers at government as per usual we get fleeced every one should ballet this new rule bring back discs all is forgiven

Tory scum as if britains not bad enough

down to the robbing torys AGAIN. rich get richer poorer suffer. sick of this country now, if its not the motorist or the smoker getting penalised that does peoples heads in its the amount of free aid sent to foreign countries or benefits given out to immigrants, charity starts at home- were in billions of pounds dept and once a year send aid to china- possibly the richest country in the world- why?? or the muslims that keep breeding 5/1 this country is a shambles and david cameorn you are a joke.

Facility for direct debit is from the 1st November

I renewed my road tax a few moments ago and had decided to pay by direct debit but there was no option for this.

when sell my car and surrender tax how do i know if the buyer of my car as re taxed itbefore driving it away am i still liable any penaltys accuerd if the buying does not tax it

Government get rich scheme! sell your car during a month,say the 15th or today the 25th DVLA only refunds full months remaining. New buyer will have to pay tax from the 1st of the month, to be covered to drive the vehicle away - Government will get 2 months road tax on all cars sold after the 1st of a month!!!

I dont know where you get the pay monthly idea from. I received my reminder (due 1/10/14) and there is no facility for monthly payments offered. Am I getting something wrong here?

The problem can be solved easily by when you mot your car your given a new plate, ie for Bristol Bs 34(post code)then what number the car is when it passes its test So if your the 10th car from BS34 your reg is BS34 10 14 The police can tell at a glance 7f it is taxed moted and insured ,

If the new owner has to tax it before taking to the road, how will they obtain tax say on a weekend, if they drive it and with the cameras all over the place how is this done.

why dont we do what happens i spain whoever owns the vehicle in Jan is responsable for tax then you can bring costs down pass onto us motorists

will we still get reminders

@Professional Driver I don't think people who clone plates will be queuing up at Halfords with relevant docs, there are many ways of getting plates made without any docs still, or simply pinch plates of off another similar car. The same rogues will still get away with it with this system. They were talking about chipping the plates - might be a bit more secure.

the politicians are lying on their backs kicking their legs in the air laughing They don't give a toss

This new way of not being able to sell any remaining tax months on and having to apply for a refund while the new owner applies for a new tax means that the thieving government will, potentially,now get 14 months revenue as you only get refunds on every complete months and the new owner has to apply from the first of any month.

In response to cashcows comment, yes we need an uprising of some sort. Other countries are held under a violent regime of dictation, and our government say it is right to topple those from dictators. So why has no one saved us, as we are living under a financial regime of dictation. We are stolen from every single days of our lives. England is on its knees, No production, relying on imports to keep us afloat. Foreigner's exporting money out of the country, a false economy created by landlords buying cheap properties. Our country is run by crooks. Its a job and they know they wont be doing it soon so they take and we give let the people rise lets take our country back before they sink it. birish 66 @ g mail . com

so I buy a car , so how does taxing it work ie v5 not in my name , no insurance cert as I've only just insured vehicle. with our post system it could take day's . you can't tax a vehicle on only the v5c new owner,s slip (not proof your the new owner )this is gonna be a big ball's up as normal . why change sumit if it ain't broke

@steve bissett: No they can't as they need a V5C and Proof of address less than 3 months old to get the Registration Plates Made - so how they gonna get your plates?

Since the introduction of ANPR Systems, the Road Fund Licence Disc was on the way out, more cars are caught without Road Tax by ANPR Systems than ever were caught looking at a tax disc, this is GOOD news for Honest Motorists as now everyone will have to get their vehicles taxed and for those on low incomes, monthly payments will become a big help. As for those complaining about 'Double Taxation' when buying/selling, it has always been the case if you went for a refund. The purpose of the new system of not allowing a car to be sold with 'X' amount of tax is that IT FORCES the new owner to tax it - there is no way out for them whereas you could buy a car with 'X' months on it previously and then never renew.....

Oh joy someone can drive around with same car and color as mine on my number plates. I pay the road tax they have free runaround on my bloody expense Fantastic new tax system.

I agree 100% when we all understand that we are being conned and milked out of money hand over fist the amount of tax we pay we should the most incredible roads in the world England wake up smell the bloody coffee

Just been on-line to check on buying a car , and noticed a reminder from a seller about the new tax rules . Wondered where have the DVLA been adverising this , (I've not seen it anywhere} and i've just bought a new tax disc holder..

Anyone who cannot see that this is nothing more than another way for the Government to milk more money from us cash cows trapped in a field, is blind. Abolish discs and replace with an accessible database? Yes, great idea. All deliberate car tax evasion cured. If, that was it. But no, theres a money making twist. They claim that a seller MUST cash back in the tax on selling the car. Why? Surely he should just choose to cash back if it suits his pocket, or offer as an incentive to the next owner if he chooses? NO. He MUST cash back in, because he will not be paid back for the month he sells in. Ah-ha...The new owner will then have to tax for the beginning of that same month, regardless of date. 2 citizens lose money, one Government makes money, being paid twice for the same month, on millions of cars. This was an opportunity to make sure that every car was taxed, but in the interests of raising completely unfair revenue, they insist that people must UN-TAX their cars!!!?? Add to that the fantastic money making opportunities this will create for fining people who have innocently not followed it correctly. Oh, and no consideration or plan whatsoever for the many hundreds of thousands of cars legitimately untaxed cars passing through the hands of the dealers we buy cars from. You couldn't make this nonsense up! Oh, they did. We need a revolution, soon.

An old guy told me that once upon a time you could tax a car for three months. Is this correct and if so this would be a great idea for people not so well off.

Why will there be a surcharge for paying monthly? I would like an explaination, how can this be justified ?

Regarding CD Andrews' comment about dealers and unlicensed cars, will not all dealers cars be untaxed. As soon as it is sold it becomes untaxed.

There should be no need for a refund if you have bought another car. It should be straightforward to transfer tax to your new car.

5% surcharge for paying monthly? A special tax just for the poor. My car costs £253 a year to tax. That's a weeks wages to me, pre-tax. I can't afford a nice shiny new car that incurs no road tax. This may seem petty, but it feels petty to be penalised in this way.

Fuck the government and all the taxes got a tv never paid for tv licence had goons at door told them the law never paid road tax been driving over 20 years

ok it might be a great thing but more work for the police and what about the poor worker who does the tax disks then so any one can have a car on the road its ok for the pnc check with the police and also what about the disabled who have cars and excempt from it there are going to be problems mark my words there will be some fiddling going on then so they will be laying more people off work what are we coming too the world gone absolutely bonkers that the government for you arsoles the lot of them put them out of work and see what happends then lol

Car dealers blocking residential streets with their surplus stock will get away with this even more. Currently we can check to see if cars are licensed and report them if they are not. Without tax discs even this tiny safeguard is gone.

I don't understand the problem here?? The tax disc has been pointless for a long time. Having it taxed online is easier and quicker. Almost all companies that receive payments from the public charge more for instalment payments than 1 lump sum payment. Insurance being a perfect example. Why do people try to turn everything on it's head to use it against the Tories, who have done more to better this country in 4 years than Labour done in their previous 12? You have to laugh. There is literally no downside to this plan. Lol

That's nice

Very good this will b another cock up you can't get hold of DVlA at best of times and what if it does not register copper stops you you have to wait at side of road every body ooh luck what av they done another load of rubbish

5%surcharge for installments is just another tax, if they made the installments manageable then those that avoid it may even pay it. All this tiered tax for CO2 emissions is just another con, it is just another unfair rip off, robbing tory swines

Man up you wimps.

it says one of the ways is by phoneing dvla . have you ever tried phoneing them not a chance its like phoneing the kremlin in moscow .its anon starter . another stupid idea from osborne

OK fine we have to pay road tax one way or another and because we are British we just take it on the chin and moan about it!!! But if this is a an idea by the government to cut down on spending then how about they pass the savings onto the drivers? They will be saving money on sending you the disc let alone the money they will save on producing it in the first place,i am paying £146 per 6 months for my car which i cannot be with out so do me and people like me a favor government and PASS THE SAVINGS ON TO THE PUBLIC!!!

Evade tax .. Find a friend on mobility and put them on yer insurance an then tax your car free as they allowed a free second tax disc per year as long as they on your policy ........ Tax will now be dearer this way but I want to know where the 4million pounds that the tax disc printing will go? Bet it don't go to reducing the cost for your tax disc and gets divided out to politicians to drive there tanks about London