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New, Second, Vauxhall Zafira Recall To Prevent Fire

Zafira B (2005-2014) subject to additional recall so the company can “go further” with its efforts to improve safety.

Which Zafira B models have been recalled?

The Vauxhall Zafira B is to be recalled for a second time for “preventative” work to minimise the risk of fire, the manufacturer confirmed. In December 2015 – at the time of the first recall - The Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency reported that models with manual air-conditioning, or without air-conditioning, present a fire risk.

At the time, the manufacturer blamed improper repair of the thermal fuse of the resister in the heating and ventilation system; as undertaken by non-franchised dealers. This, it said, can cause the electrical components to overheat which increases the risk of fire.

The Zafira B recall excluded vehicles with climate control rather than manual air-conditioning (or without air-con). Zafira A and Zafira Tourers were unaffected too. The 234,938 recalled cars were built from February 10th 2005 to October 24th 2014, with identification numbers from W0L0AHM7552114056 to W0L0AHM75E2109906. 

Zafira B recalls

Purpose of first Zafira B recall

The 2015 recall returned each car to original condition. The mechanic: inspected the heating and ventilation system, replaced the resister, tested the blower motor, inspected the wiring harness, checked the pollen filter and fitted further protection below the windscreen scuttle to minimise the risk of water ingress. 

Zafira B recalls

Purpose of second Zafira B recall

But Vauxhall now plans to take a second “preventative” step to further minimise risk. It argued: “After extensive investigations, we have decided to go further and improve the overall robustness of the system.” That is a contrast to returning to original condition. 

From August 2016, Vauxhall will write to owners to explain the purpose of its second recall. It will stagger its efforts to avoid inundation. Cars that have not had the work required for the 2015 recall should first be “returned to original condition”, Vauxhall said. 

Additional steps include replacing the soldered fuse resister – even if it was replaced during the first recall – with a wax-based alternative that reduces the “opportunity for manipulation”. Furthermore, the blower motor must be replaced rather than simply inspected. In theory, Zafira B cars should then be better than new.

Zafira B recalls

Zafira B recalls damage manufacturer's reputation

The Vauxhall Zafira B recalls can only damage the company's reputation with motorists. Sue Freemantle is among those who have concerns, and she started a Facebook group relating to the problem.

She told Sky News: "They think they’ve done things in good faith and they haven’t. They’ve blamed back street garages for bodge repairs when they know that this is not down to them. They know the issues - and they know it’s their fault - and they need to own up”.