posted 6 years ago

New Skoda Yeti Faces Top Gear Onslaught

Goodness, Top Gear has landed a helicopter on the roof of a new Skoda Yeti.

Goodness, Top Gear has landed a helicopter on the roof of a new Skoda Yeti. This 'trumps' my best effort of lugging a mattress around on top of a miss-firing 1981 Datsun Sunny. The Yeti also raced a Ferrari 308, battled treacherous off-road terrain, and was used as an inconvenient corridor by a bunch of hefty firemen. That sounds like a seriously comprehensive test drive.

The purpose of these fun-focussed activities was to prove that the Skoda Yeti is more versatile than a Swiss army knife. The fireman, who crawled through the car carrying their bulky equipment, failed to damage the Yeti's robustly constructed interior. This suggests that this spacious crossover's cabin can withstand the rigours of family life without turning to dust. The same could not have been said for my Datsun, that was predominantly made of rust.

Later, when the Skoda Yeti faced the Ferrari 308, it beat the prancing horse around the 'race track'. That is because the Ferrari struggled on the curiously incomplete and rough surface, but the Yeti conquered this tricky terrain thanks to its four-wheel drive system. This is fitted to high- end models, and complements the hill decent control system that helps this family workhorse maintain a consistent speed on slopes. So, the Yeti is surprisingly capable off-road.

Back on the tarmac, the new Skoda Yeti feels more secure than a billionaire's pension. The steering is both accurate and responsive, the ride is as comfortable as a pillow, and both the manual and automatic transmissions are more pleasing than a tax rebate. Various engines are available, but the 2.0-litre 138bhp diesel best balances performance and economy. In six- speed manual guise, this hits 62mph in 9.9 seconds and averages a wallet pleasing 47.1mpg.

As for Top Gear's helicopter stunt, it proves that the Skoda Yeti's roof is stronger than a heavyweight boxer. It is clearly far more suitable for carrying mattresses than my old Datsun, which ungraciously collapsed onto its springs under the strain. Still, my old heap was only worth £25, prices for the Yeti range from £14,645 - £23,895.