posted 6 years ago

New Smart Forstars

Is the Smart Forstars crazier than building a snowman in a burning hot desert?

Is the Smart Forstars crazier than building a snowman in a burning hot desert? I have to ask... as this concept car has a number of puzzling features. Here is the proof. The Forstars has a projector mounted close to its bonnet. This enables Frosty the Snowman to park near a blank wall and project his favourite film onto its surface. That is The Snowman, of course. The projector's media source is a smart phone that sends it images via Bluetooth. This complements loud speakers concealed within ventilation openings behind the doors. So, Frosty can create an open-air cinema experience for his siblings. Best leave the heater 'off'.

But that is only part of the story. The smart phone also replaces the rear-view mirror. It is therefore mounted to the top of the windscreen and relays images to Mr Frosty via a camera. Clever, but there is little wrong with the traditional arrangement - and the more someone over thinks the plumbing the easier it is to stuff-up the drain. And, of course, we need those drains to absorb Frosty when he melts. But before then... he can enjoy this electric vehicle's 60kW motor that produces 135Nm of torque, and propels him to a speedy 80mph. The tail lights are clever too. As such the right side conceals a recharge socket, the left a drinks can. Throw-in the glass roof, striking styling, and white hammock seats and it becomes clear that the Smart Forstars can expect lots of attention at the Paris Motor Show.

Frosty is a very lucky Snowman.