posted 3 years ago

New Speed Camera Is Bullet Resistant & Portable

Trailer-mounted speed camera enables the authorities to scan regions where traditional systems are unviable.

The Vitronic Enforcement Trailer is a bullet resistant, portable, and self-propelled system that scans the road for speeding motorists. It best suits sites where there is a lack of infrastructure to support more traditional, fixed, cameras. Some  regions lack the required power supply or data cables, for example.

The Enforcement Trailer can either be set-up permanently or short term. It might, for example, be required for a few months to protect workers as they resurface a road or reinforce a bridge. It also enables the authorities to monitor regions where it is to dangerous to position a human with a hand-held device, or in a van. 

How Enforcement Trailer is positioned

The Trailer can be towed “by any vehicle that has a tow bar”, the manufacturer explained. There is, therefore, no need to have an expensive, dedicated, towing model such as the Land Rover Discovery. Further, Vitronic recognises that the vehicle might only be able to tow the system close to its optimum, scanning, position. 

It therefore has two large wheels at the rear – both with drive – plus a small jockey wheel at the front. Drive enables the operator to fine-tune its position via remote control for the best view. The Trailer also spins on the spot, climbs slopes (28%) and hops kerbs. 

Security, capability and power supply

Once in position, the bodywork sinks lower to conceal the rear wheels which minimises the risk of vandalism. The jockey wheel has to be withdrawn manually, however. The registration plate and light bar is then removed and stored within the bullet resistant, alarmed, interior that can only be accessed via the remote control.

Vitronic Poliscan Speed Lidar technology is housed within the wedge-shaped, two-tone grey, bodywork. It simultaneously monitors the speed of all vehicles across multiple lanes and recognises variable limits. It also distinguishes between types of vehicle as some – such as heavy goods – are subject to lower limits than cars. 

bulletproof speed camera

The Enforcement Trailer has an independent power supply based on high-performance batteries that enable it to run, uninterrupted, for five days, the manufacture said. This eliminates the need to connect to mains power. The batteries can be replaced on-site if the authorities plan to monitor any traffic for an extended period.

Penalty for speeding

In the United Kingdom, the minimum penalty for speeding is a £100 fine plus three penalty points. Collecting twelve points in three years might lead to a ban – and even a handful can increase the cost of insurance. Newly qualified motorists can be banned if they collect six points within two years of passing the practical test.