posted 2 years ago

New SsangYong 3 Year Free Servicing Offer

SsangYong free servicing offer explained, the vehicles it relates to and the benefits of main dealer maintenance.

Benefits of servicing explained

The SsangYong 3 Year Free Servicing offer slashes the cost of motoring if you pick a Tivoli, Korando, Rexton or Turismo. This incentive – which has considerable financial value - applies throughout the ranges rather than specific trims only. Furthermore, if you later sell the vehicle the offer transfers to its new owner.

The SsangYong 3 Year Free Servicing offer is far more than a financial incentive, however. It ensures that your vehicle receives the care required to remain safe and reliable. SsangYong servicing:

  • maximises reliability by, for example, topping-up the engine coolant reservoir to prevent a heat-related breakdown
  • ensures the vehicle is safe by, for example, inspecting the brake system to confirm it performs to the necessary standard
  • cuts wear and tear by, for example, replacing old/dirty engine oil with a new product that more effectively reduces friction
  • minimises depreciation - i.e. how much value your car looses per-annum - as service history is prized on the used market
  • ensures your vehicle is maintained by brand specific specialists

SsangYong explains its priorities

Paul Williams, CEO of SsangYong Motor UK, said: “In addition to offering extremely well equipped cars at superb value prices, we are always looking for ways to help reduce the cost of motoring for SsangYong owners.”

He continued: “With this new offer, we are helping our customers minimise the running cost of their new car over 3 years.”

“Korean built and comprehensively equipped - with affordable prices and a 5-year limitless mileage warranty - we are confident that with SsangYong motorists are getting one of the best value and fairest motoring solutions available in Britain”, Mr Williams said.

Tivoli, Korando, Rexton or Turismo introduction

The SsangYong Tivoli is a compact, crossover class, vehicle. Key strengths include the off-road styling, low running costs and high equipment specification. All from £12,950 to £20,000 (on the road).

The Korando is a compact, sports-utility class, vehicle. Virtues include its 2.2-litre, 178PS, diesel engine that is powerful, the compact proportions that make manoeuvring in congested cites easier and a low purchase cost. All from £16,250 to £22,750 (on the road).

The SsangYong Rexton is a large, sports-utility class, workhorse. Standard-fit all-wheel-drive is among its core strengths. Chunky, off-road, styling and a high equipment specification further boost its status. New prices range from £22,995 to £28,995 (on the road).

The Turismo is a large multi-purpose vehicle. Strengths include space. The cabin is vast – as is the boot – and the 7 seats manoeuvre to suit the needs of passengers and cargo. Slide the middle row back, perhaps. All for £19,250 to £25,250 (on the road).