posted 4 years ago

New Toyota 0% Finance Offers (Autumn 2013)

AccessToyota 0% Finance Plan

Number lovers: the AccessToyota 0% Finance Plan makes paying for a car easier than counting to ten. Why? Because the motorist can choose – at least to some extent – the size of the deposit, the length of the contract, and the vehicle's annual mileage limit. These factors then influence this personal contract plan's monthly payments. At the end of the term the motorist has three options (shall we count them?). These include making a pre-agreed final payment to own the car outright (option one) or returning it and walking away (option two). There should be nothing further to pay with the second scenario subject to condition and mileage. As such, there might be a penalty for excessive wear and tear, damage, and for exceeding the pre-agreed mileage allowance. The final option is to part exchange by starting a new finance plan for a replacement vehicle (three). Here, any value beyond the optional final payment contributes towards the newer car's deposit.

Toyota Yaris SR 1.33 VVT-i 5d 0% Finance Offer

Number lovers: let us consider a couple of examples. The Toyota Yaris SR 1.33 VVT-i 5dr is available for thirty-five payments of £211.52 at 0% APR (with £1,450 deposit). The pre-agreed final payment is £5,671.80 which totals £14,525. However, the deposit could be increased to (say) £4,200 to reduce the first monthly payment to £132.90 and the subsequent thirty-four to £132.95. In contrast, a deposit of (say) £100 significantly increases the monthly commitment. The motorist can also shorten the contract from thirty-six to twenty-four months and increase the mileage limit from 10,000 per-year. Options are: 12,000, 15,000, 20,000, 25,000 and £30,000. But however the finance terms are tweaked the optional final payment and the grand total remain unchanged. The Toyota Yaris is also available in: Edition, T Spirit, T2, TR, and Trend forms. And that brings us to the Toyota Auris Hatchback Icon 1.33 VVT-i. Example terms for this small car include the £4,503.17 deposit which is followed by thirty-five monthly instalments of £169. The pre-agreed final payment is £5,976.83 which totals £16,395. However, the deposit could be reduced to (say) £0 to increase the first payment to £297.73 and the subsequent thirty-four to £297.66. As with the Yaris, the length of the contract can be shorted and the mileage limit increased without changing the total. And that is something to count on.