posted 8 years ago

New Toyota Avensis Wears Invisibility Cloak

The new Toyota Avensis Tourer must be wearing an invisibility cloak

The new Toyota Avensis Tourer must be wearing an invisibility cloak. This would explain why, when most people choose a sensibly priced estate, they think Ford Mondeo, Vauxhall Insignia, or even the Citroen C5. This means the unfortunate Avensis is often overlooked like an unloved pet - whereas it deserves to be a prominent member of the family.

The latest Avensis emerged from its magic cloak in 2009, and is concocted from the same no-nonsense ingredients as its predecessor. This means function over fashion and, despite Toyota's recent manufacturing issues, robust build quality that shames many of its rivals. The Avensis is also backed by a standard five year warranty that should alleviate most worries.

Toyota's new estate is available with various engines, most of which are appealingly smooth and refined. One of the best is the 2.2-litre 147bhp diesel, as this propels the Avensis to 60mph in 8.9 seconds and makes fuel disappear at a rate of 50mpg. If you prefer petrol power, the 1.8-litre 143bhp model averages 43mpg and hits 60mph in a respectable 9.4 seconds.

Now, this Japanese vehicle is not designed to thrill enthusiastic drivers - it is supposed to be a supremely comfortable cruiser. On these terms the Avensis is very successful as it wafts over bumps as if someone had filled the potholes. Further plus points include the precise steering, smooth automatic transmission, generous specification, sumptuous interior, and the versatile 1,609 litre boot.

According to's database, prices for the new Toyota Avensis Tourer range from £15,408 - £27,370. That sounds like a pretty good way to make your money vanish to me. After all, the Toyota Avensis has been ignored far too long.