posted 6 years ago

New Toyota Hilux Conquers Antarctica

Remarkably... the Toyota Hilux has conquered Antarctica.

Remarkably... the Toyota Hilux has conquered Antarctica. In fact, three of these four and six-wheel-drive snow masters clocked-up nearly six-thousand miles each setting- up a fuel and weather station. To survive the extreme conditions each Hilux has a few 'enhancements'. These include cranes and crawler gears, plus strengthened suspension and drive-trains. Large tyres have been installed too. Now when I say 'large', the footprints are seventeen-times bigger than the road-going Toyota Hilux. That brings us to fuel. The standard stuff is unsuitable, so to cope with temperatures of -50C the pick-ups use jet fuel.

The road-going version of this machine is extremely capable too. In fact, the Toyota Hilux has recently taken top honours in the 'pick-up' category of the Total 4x4 Awards. This staggering mile-muncher is available in three versatile body styles: single, extra, and double-cab. Cargo capacities range from 1m3 to 1.5m3. Furthermore, hard-core drivers can choose one of two diesel engines, the 2.5-litre 144bhp trim or the 3.0-litre 171bhp. Both have plenty of torque and, depending on body style, average between 32.8 and 38.7mpg.

Alan Kidd, Editor of Total 4x4 magazine, commented, “Hilux has always stood out in what is a very fiercely fought category. It's incredibly capable in every area and comes at a very appealing price. The updates Toyota has made to it are subtle, but they're enough to nudge it back in front of the pack. In particular, its interior is much more modern and - without sacrificing anything in the way of refinement - the vehicle is tougher than ever. There's a lot of talent in the pick-up market, but once again Hilux is the one to beat.”