posted 4 years ago

New updated Nissan 370Z Nismo

On Sale in Europe from September

The Nissan 320Z Nismo has always been a head turner and now it boasts an even bolder and more powerful look.  The car has been extensively reworked to deliver a sharper and more engaging driving experience and features a host of design and engineering updates.

The front bumper of the new car has been completely redesigned and features a larger air intake, additional air inlets ahead of the wheel arch and new LED daytime running lights. Other updates include the introduction of black headlamp bezels, special red NISMO trim at the base of the bumper, redesigned side sill and door mirror and special NISMO badging.  The revised 370Z NISMO also features new 19-inch Rays alloy wheels finished in black and silver. There is a new rear bumper and spoiler design, the spoiler is smaller and works in tandem with the new front bumper to create significantly more downforce when driving at speed. The force is now more evenly distributed over the front and rear axles, giving a more balanced feeling on the road. Nissan's calculations confirm that the new aerodynamic system introduced on the 370Z NISMO gives it more downforce than any of its sector rivals.

The interior features new Recaro seats that offer significant improvements in support and comfort. The new seats have been tailored specifically for use in the 370Z NISMO and feature a host of detail changes to deliver maximum support for drivers. Every aspect of the seat and its position within the car has been analysed by Nissan to create the perfect driving position. By adopting a new shell-based construction in preference over a traditional tubular frame seat, Nissan has also been able to improve rigidity and reduce weight at the same time. To complete the interior makeover, the seats are trimmed in red and black leather and Alcantara to match the steering wheel.

The 370Z Nismo is powered by a  a 344PS, 3.7-litre six-cylinder engine. The car is capable of 0-100kpg in just 5.2 seconds. Available only as a coupe with a six-speed manual gearbox, the new 370Z NISMO features a number of suspension enhancements introduced as part of the updates. To improve ride comfort, the rear spring and damper rates have been altered, while changes to the carpets and inner rear wheel arch protector have further reduced road noise.