posted 4 years ago

New Vauxhall 0% APR Finance Plans

New Vauxhall Corsa Black Limited Edition 1.4i Turbo 0% Finance

Vauxhall 0% finance make a tremendous range of cars easy to pay for. Why? Because terms for (say) a Corsa Black Limited Edition 1.4i Turbo (120PS) can be tweaked to suit the motorist's requirements. He/she can therefore choose the size of the deposit, the monthly payments and the length of the term via a Flexible Finance Calculator. The manufacturer will also contribute £750 towards the deposit. If the motorist does not increase this – and buys this five-door hatchback over the minimum twenty-four month period – the regular payments will be £660.21. This totals £16,595.04 including the manufacturer's contribution – although the Finance Calculator claims the total is 4 pence less. Perhaps the manufacturer is rounding down the figure for easy mathematics. The motorist could, however, make smaller instalments over any number of months up to sixty so the payments could fall to £264.09 without changing the manufacturer's total (£16,595). Plus, if the deposit is increased this further shrinks the monthly payments. Either way, the motorist benefits from the sensible running costs, sharp handling, sensible cargo capacity and sporty styling. He/she then owns the car at the end of the term. This Corsa is also available in others models such as: S, SE, SRi, SXi, Excite, and VXR.

New Astra Sports Tourer SRi 2.0i CDTi  0% Finance

The Astra Sports Tourer SRi 2.0i CDTi (165PS) is available via 0% finance too. Pleasingly, the deposit contribution is a noteworthy £2,000. If this s not increased - and the vehicle is purchased over twenty-four months – the payments will be £910. This totals £23,840 throughout the contract including the manufacturer's deposit contribution. However, payments fall to £364 if the term is extended to sixty months. The total expenditure remains the same. The Vauxhall Astra Sports Tourer has countless strengths such as its 500-litre cargo capacity. This can be increased to 1,550-litres by folding the rear seats flat which is more than respectable for a small, family class, vehicle. This practical workhorse is also pleasant to drive thanks to its supportive ride, respectable performance, precise steering and decent handling. It is a sensible family car. The Flexible Finance Calculator reveals other prospects too. Highlights include the Zafira Tourer Elite 2.0CDTi (195PS) Bi-Turbo, the Cascada Elite 2.0CDTi 16v 165PS) Automatic, the Insignia Sports Tourer Limited Edition 1.4i VVT Turbo (140PS) and the Agila SE 1.2i 16v VVT.