posted 6 years ago

New Vauxhall ADAM Prices

Is the Vauxhall ADAM the most unique, everyday car, on the planet?

Is the Vauxhall ADAM the most unique, everyday car, on the planet? I have to check... as over one-million specification/trim combinations are available. So, even if one was to park on every street corner it might be impossible to find an identical sibling. But first things first... what is it? The ADAM is a three-door, four seater, city car measuring 3.7 metres. It therefore rivals the Ford Ka and Peugeot 107. Power comes from three petrol engines: the 1.2-litre 70PS, and a 1.4-litre with outputs of 87PS and 100PS. All are teamed with five- speed manual transmission only, and available with a start/stop system to help minimise fuel consumption. This complements three trim levels: JAM (fashionable/colourful), GLAM (elegant/sophisticated), and SLAM (racy/sporty). But that stuff is only the tip of the iceberg.

Motorists choose from twelve colours such as: ‘I’ll Be Black’, ‘Papa Don’t Peach’, ‘Purple Fiction’, ‘James Blonde’, and ‘Buzz Lightgreen’. These complement option packs including 'Two-Tone Black and White' and 'Extreme' which add colourings and designs to the roof, mirror caps, and logo bar. Want more? Okay then... buyers can fiddle with the roof colouring too – and choose wheels – and exterior stripes. Cabin highlights include facia and door décors which are available in around twelve striking colours, and coupled with coloured or LED-lit foils. Plus – of course – what car would be complete without a starlight head lining illuminated by LEDs? These create the impression of a starry night sky. New Vauxhall ADAM prices start from £11,255. But how much to turn one into the A- Team van?