posted 7 years ago

New Vauxhall Adam

The Vauxhall Adam may have an “odd” name from launch...

The Vauxhall Adam may have an “odd” name from launch... but at least it will have one. Until recently, you see, this forthcoming run-around had only been known by its codename “Junior”. That made it sound like a bad Arnold Swarchenegger film. Adam, in contrast, will sound more like a biblical reference - although Vauxhall has no plans to produce the “Eve”.

The Vauxhall Adam will be revealed at the Paris Motor Show in September 2012, and launched in the United Kingdom during 2013. Details are sketchy, but it will be an urban run-around rivalling the MINI Hatchback. As such, the Vauxhall Adam will not be a replacement to the Corsa – more a complementary “step up” to more fashionable territory.

The Vauxhall Adam will have three-doors, four seats, and fairly muscular styling. It will be powered by various petrol and diesel engines, which we expect to be extremely fuel efficient. Furthermore, the Adam will be customisable so buyers might be able to choose the headlining, floor mats, and seat fabric for starters. This run-around is likely to cost from about £10,000; emphasising its status over the cheaper Vauxhall Corsa. Watch this space.