posted 3 years ago

New Volkswagen Golf Alltrack For 2015

Volkswagen Bridges Gap Between Family Car and SUV

The Volkswagen Golf Alltrack is the 4-wheel-drive version of the manufacturer's small, family class, estate. As with the larger Passat Alltrack, its purpose is to bridge the gap between a traditional family car and a sports utility vehicle. It best suits light off-road challenges – such as ploughing through a muddy field to pitch a tent – so it is not intended for extreme conditions.

Permanent 4-Wheel-Drive

The Alltrack has permanent 4-wheel-drive. Volkswagen says that “under relatively low engine load conditions” propulsion comes predominantly from the front axle. Rationing how much power is sent to the rear minimises fuel consumption. If the car struggles for traction, the engine sends more power to the rear in “fractions of a second”. Such a system – in addition to providing off-road capabilities – helps when a standard road is wet, snowy or icy.

High Ground Clearance

The Golf Alltrack has up to 20mm more ground clearance than its siblings to clear obstacles such as uneven ground, small branches and rocks. Underbody protection plates minimise damage should it strike a hazard. Furthermore, its “off-road driving profile” activates a hill-decent function that brakes to prevent it rolling to fast down slopes. The profile also alters the response of the throttle and anti-lock brakes to better suit off-road terrain.

Exterior Style

The exterior has large, plastic, wheel arch protectors that run above the sills and onto the rear bumper. The sills have been finished in silver and complement 17” wheels. The special radiator grille, badges and chrome tailpipes complete the exterior look.

Interior Style

Volkswagen claims the interior reflects the car's sporty off-road character. It has a leather wheel and gear level, plus seat covers that incorporate the “Alltrack” badge. The central console has a dark magnesium centre. Standard equipment includes: Bluetooth, touch operated infotainment system, tyre pressure monitor, climate control, LED reading lights, electric windows and cruise control.

Petrol and Diesel Engines

Golf Alltrack power comes via 4 engines, 1 petrol and 3 diesel:

  Power (PS) Torque (Nm) 0-62 (Seconds) Fuel Consumption (MPG) Carbon Emissions (G/KM)
1.8 TSI Petrol Turbo 180 280 7.8 41.5 158
1.6 TDI Diesel 110 250 12.1 60.1 124
2.0 TDI Diesel 150 340 8.9 57.6 127
2.0 TDI Diesel 184 380 7.8 55.4 134

UK Availability

The Volkswagen Golf Alltrack is likely to be available in the United Kingdom from summer 2015. Prices have not been confirmed.