posted 9 years ago

New Volvo C70 at 6.9% APR

The Volvo C70 is recently refreshed and sports a new slinkier nose

The new Volvo C70 is available for a limited period on a finance deal at only 6.9% APR. The Volvo C70 is recently refreshed and sports a new slinkier nose. Engines include two powerful five cylinders and a two litre diesel. The Volvo C70 2.0D is the most fuel efficient of the Volvo C70’s engines. It returns 46mpg on the combined cycle and produces 158g/km of CO2. The more powerful D5 diesel has a 43mpg combined-cycle showing with 174g/km emissions which is very respectable considering its strong performance. There is not much between the two petrol options, with the T5 and the 2.4i both returning around 31mpg and between 209 and 215g/km.

The Volvo C70 is a classy folding hard-top convertible with smart looks it is very well built and safe in typical Volvo fashion, a relaxing cruiser rather than a sharp driver’s car. Its positioning in the market is also interesting, sitting above the mainstream offerings but below the premium models in terms of price.

The Volvo C70 is a fantastic product. It never feels less than solid and the styling is well judged whether the roof’s up or down. If you like the idea of ordering your prestigiously badged convertible with a metal folding roof and you want the potential to seat four adults and enjoy decent bootspace, then the Volvo C70 is hard to overlook.