posted 5 years ago

New Volvo V40 Pedestrian Safety

I refuse to drive the new Volvo V40.

I refuse to drive the new Volvo V40. I will not sit in the front passenger seat either, and not even the world's most beautiful woman could convince me to climb in the back. The reason is simple... this five-door hatchback is best appreciated by pedestrians. Volvo, you see, has taken staggering steps to minimise injury to pavement lovers. As such, the all-new V40 uses a radar and camera system to monitor the road ahead for pedestrians. At speeds of up to 22mph, this remarkable machine therefore warns its driver audibly and visually when a collision is imminent. If the motorist fails to react the V40 brakes automatically. Should the worst happen, an air-bag emerges from the bonnet to cover the outside lower third of the windscreen. This protects the pedestrian's head. What a system.

The new Volvo V40 has fantastic styling too, plus family-focussed practicality, pleasing build quality, and a tremendous equipment specification. As such the pedestrian air-bag is a standard feature, even on the entry-level ES. Every V40 has: Bluetooth, climate control, and traction control too. The highest spec NAV also has voice activated sat-nav and a seven-inch colour screen. Very nice too. But I still refuse to drive it. Prices start at £19,745.