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New Year Crackdown on drivers who abuse the Blue Badge

Tough new measures will be introduced in the New Year to crack down on drivers who abuse the disabled parking system

Tough new measures will be introduced in the New Year to crack down on drivers who abuse the disabled parking system. This will include a new Blue Badge design which is harder to forge; this new badge will have security features such as a unique hologram and a digital photo and serial number which will allow parking attendants to check for genuine badges more easily through the windscreen.

Transport Minister, Norman Baker, said "motorists who pretend to be disabled to get some free parking are frankly disgraceful. They prevent real Blue Badge holders from using parking bays designed for those genuinely in need and they cheat the vast majority of road users who play fair when they park their cars. Our new Blue Badge will be as secure as a banknote and anyone thinking of faking it can forget it. We are also tightening up on enforcement and eligibility so there will be no way to scam the system."

Other measures to be enforced include shared administration between authorities resulting in faster renewals, less abuse and operational efficiency savings of up to £20 million a year plus improved customer service for badge holders, including being able to apply for and renew badges online using Directgov, as well as access to a new national helpline number and from April 2012 customers will also be able to report lost and stolen badges online.


at last it is all to often that like Paul above mentioned you have to do shopping as disabled people even if we dont want to go and when you are waiting for a disabled parking area to become vacant and you see a family come out of the store and run to their car it makes me and am sure many others like me so angry they are abusing a system that has been put in place for us people who really need it i am pleased that this is going to take place but wonder how it will work there are proper parking wardens in asda car parks so they can ask to see your ticket and check it belongs to you or your passenger and i applaude asda for this it is unfortunate that normal car parks in city centres dont apply the same rules i hope this works out for all of us disabled people its time we got a break and a parking space.

Hi Geraldine,although i am a relative newcomer to this scheme, I have found it very difficult at time to find a disabled parking space for the reasos quoted by your article, so this clampdown is most welcome.

At Last!!!!!

I fully agree with your "crack down"on Blue Badge dodgers.Why not treat them as Parking offenders (which they are) and issue fines.

It is about time the number of times I have sat in my waiting for a space and have seen so many people jump out of theircars and run into the shops I wish I coud but with no legs it's not easy to do.

I will be very surprise if these new rules are ever enforced. Who id going to do it? The police, no chasnce we never see one unless he fliys past in a car. A trfic warden These are becoming a rare species also bu I am plesed abot this because whenever I see one I realise that some folk are only to pleaased to increse the way the motorist is vilified.


does not stop able drivers borrowing a badge as i saw last week. no one checks whether the disabled badge holder is in the car. other times they stay in the car and the able person gets out to shop.

I agree with this policy entirely but it would be helpful if the large allocations for the disabled could be made available in multi-storey carparks in the evenings when almost all the spaces are vacant and yet the rest of the spaces are full.This would help restaurants,cinemas atc.

About time this was sorted out 10/10

I'll believe it when I see it..... Like any government this is just another sound bite, just like the crackdown on benefit fraud and confiscating property from drug dealers.

This could make it harder for genuinely disable drivers to renew their badges. When are traffic wardens being given the authority to challenge drivers when they are parking in a disable space with the right to check the badge to see if the person it is issued to is actually with the vehicle, and is indeed getting out at that place, not sitting in the car while the able bodied driver goes into the place for them. A start would be to put the badge holder's photo on the front of it in plain view to be seen by the wardens, police, or any other authorised person. Checks done by the police publisised on TV and inthe Papers have revealed wholesale abuse of the blue badge scheme is Nation-wide. A few £1000 maximum fines are required to combat it, then genuine disabled drivers may not have to driver round in circles hoping to find an empty parking space, and poluting the atmosphere at the same time.

How about sorting out the drivers who clearly use the legitimate blue badge of a relative to park in disabled spaces even when they are on their own in the car? There are plenty of people who do this!

Yes I think this is a very good idea, everytime I take my mother to the bank or to a shop quickly in Carmarthen there is never a disabled space for us to park in as she is not very good on her feet & is confused she needs space to get in & out of the car. We very often end up parking in normal parking space meaning I have to get her out of the car & find somewhere safe for her to wait while I park the car & of course other drivers are impatient. Often I find many park in disabled or parent & child spaces without even having any of these badges or children with them & that really gets up my nose, as often I have to stop the car in the middle of the road to get my mother out & walk her into the bank & drive around the town up to half a dozen times in order to give her time to do what she needs in the bank then she comes to the door to wait for me and have to stop the car again etc

I totally agree with all the measures,but they have missed out on one? measure,some form of check and penalty more the card being used when the holder is not in the car.

i agree with the clampdown but they shouild also stop disabled drivers parking in Parent and Toddler bays. They cannot have their cake and eat it.

It's about time the government done something to tackle blue badge abuse. I am disabled myself and not only need my blue badge but depend on it to be able to park in town or anywhere else. I have a spinal cord injury which means i am paralised and have to use a wheelchair for everything totally depend on it. There is so many people with a blue badge these days that trying to find a disabled parking space is a nightmare. I often find myself having to park on double yellow lines and assembling my wheelchair and transferring into it with cars coming along the road beside me which is a bit scary sometimes but i have no choice. We also need proper assessment as there is far to many people who have blue badges that don't need them as i see them all the time walking around unaided making it difficult to see those who need from those that don't so roll on assessments and the new badge.

About time, I, for one am fed up of looking for a space only then to notice some have been taken without the badge being placed on the dash board.

The whole expensive system should be scrapped. isabled people (and those people who pretend to be disabled) get free cars (under the mobility scheme), free road fund licence AND then get to park free - WHY? Some disabled people are very well off and can well afford to pay parking charges like the rest of us. There are too many people getting too many handouts, keeping thousands of people in government pen-pushing non-jobs. And it's also one of the main reasons why the country is going bankrupt.

This is the best move by the department to crack down on the illegal use of Blue Badge System. Best of lock Brijinder singh bhatiatsmu

About time so called blue badge holders park at Haywards Heath station car park and then run to catch a train or have them in expensive cars shwing they can well afford normal parking but take advantage of a realatives blue badge. Get enforcing.

This is excellent news and could not come soon enough. There is massive abuse and misue of the Blue Badge system.

I think it's right and proper that everything that can be done is done to ensure that blue badge parking is available for the genuinely disabled. However, I wonder what research goes into getting the balance of parking spaces right. At one of our local railway stations the majority of disabled spaces are regularly left empty all day. Spaces are at a premium here and this must cause frustration for daily users, who then face a long walk to alternative parking at either end of their working day. As GMPTE still aren't putting enough seats at passengers' disposal during rush hour, this walk probably follows a long stand on the train. I've no personal axe to grind here as I am retired and have never travelled to work by rail.

About time too.

Great news I was using crutches in Gravesend and the disabled bays were full. so my wife who was the driver parked on a double yellow line, and my wife took photographs of three cars in the disabled bays in front of my car, one had a blue badge, we went to the bank and was back at the car within 15 minutes, we got a parking ticket, blue badge in window, two cars that were in disabled bay with no blue badge never got booked where is the logic and fairness in this, even a car parked in a loading bay this didn't get a ticket so lets hope the correct procedure is enforced by the councils and the Police somewhat an unfair system at present

I doubt that the use of the badges will be any more appropriate than at present. I see too many able-to-walk users

Sadly this will probably not help in supermarket and not local authority car parks where disabled bays are blatantly abused by people in large SUVs who only provide verbal abuse if challenged. Unfortunately the supermarkets do not do much in the way of policing!

I for one will take any measures seriously, it is about time the law will not be abused.

there is no indication of what the penalties for abuse will be! i wait with baited breath to see how long it takes to make the statement "anyone thinking of faking it can forget it" redundant. would it not be just as easy to add something like a finger print of the card holder? once again a new design, new card and more cost. when do we get it right first time? other than that i am pleased to see something is being done. well done.

I feel that people abuse the fact that they have an elderly or disabled relative and think that they can use the blue badge to park anywhere,I have a relative who is disabled, but beecause they can walk for more than a couple of hundred yards in one go they are not entitled to a blue badge,why oh why do people abuse the fact they have access to a blue badge,it bugs the living daylights out of me and thats putting it politely!!!!

This is very good news,and cannot understand people who can abuse this system for the disabled,and you cannot approach them either, as they can be very agressive

I agree with this crackdown. It is about time government did something to stop people from abusing Blue Badge. Not only ordinary motorists are abusing by using their disabled relatives badges to get some Free Parking or parking closer to the shops, but I have seen TAXI drivers and their relatives/partners doing the same. They are issued Blue Badges on the trust that they would only use them if they are picking up or droping off Disabled Passengers, but I have seen this at the Birmingham Airport that TAXI drivers use this priviledge to park their taxis in Disable Bays to pick up or drop off "Normal Able bodied" passengers and people like me have to find parking elsewhere in the car park.

How do we stop people using dad's car and or leaving dad in the car and going shopping?

I think it's a very good idea to crack down especailly on people the use the blue badge of relatives who have passed on yet still use it , When someone passes away and has informEd the relavent orthorities then it should automatically cancel the blue so that if anyone is using the deceased persons badge the vehicle gets clamped and then fined for using it.

Also there should be a crackdown on non-bluebadge users in blue badge spaces everywhere like in USA where fines of up to $1500 apply.