posted 7 years ago

New Zenvo ST1

Grab your chequebook and hold tight.

Grab your chequebook and hold tight. The Zenvo ST1 is one of the most exclusive cars in the world. In fact, most of us will never see this mighty machine as only fifteen will be produced. So, what is it? The ST1 is a two-door rear-wheel-drive super-car. It is powered by a 7.0-litre supercharged - and turbocharged – V8 engine that produces 1,104bhp, and 1,430Nm of torque. This monstrous power is propelled to the tarmac via six-speed manual transmission. Not enough? Head to America then. The three cars destined for that market will produce 1,250bhp and have seven-speed Formula 1 style transmission. Very nice too.

The result of shoehorning a 7.0-litre engine into a lightweight car is striking. As such, the new Zenvo ST1 rockets from 0 to 100km/h in a staggering 3 seconds. Top speed is electronically limited to an attention grabbing 375km/h. Performance is helped by the super-sharp bodywork that looks fantastic - and generates plenty of down-force to keep the ST1 glued to the tarmac. The only issue is buying one of the fifteen examples. They cost around £1.14 million each. Still, who cares? It is only money. I might throw caution to the wind and order the entire batch. I wonder how much I can borrow on my credit card?