posted 3 years ago

Nissan Campaigns For Electric Vehicle Charge Point Signs

Electric vehicle charge point signs should be rolled-out in United Kingdom, Nissan argues.

Nissan Calls For Electric Vehicle Charge Point Signs

Nissan is calling for “official road signage” to help motorists find electric vehicle charging points in public places. The manufacturer argues that whereas there are one-hundred and forty “migratory toad crossing” signs in the United Kingdom - there are no recognisable signs for the nine-thousand standard/rapid charge points. Ecotricity - that runs Europe's “most comprehensive rapid charging network” - is cooperating with the manufacturer.

Both say “the time is right” for the government to “take action” so that motorists can benefit from the ever-increasing network of chargers. 

Nissan Motor (GB) Managing Director, Jim Wright, explained: “At Nissan we believe that all electric driving offers a number of benefits to UK motorists and should be made accessible to all.

That is why we have partnered with Ecotricity to call on the new government to give electric vehicles the prominence they now deserve and introduce official signage for charging points across the UK.”

Ecotricity founder Dale Vince added: “Both the cars and the infrastructure are in place to support the electric car revolution in Britain. There are electric highway pumps at almost every motorway services, while companies like Nissan are developing top quality electric cars.” Mr Vice added: “It’s time to introduce charging point road signs in Britain (as they will) provide necessary direction for the thousands of electric car drivers in Britain as well as increasing public awareness that the infrastructure is ready for them to make the move to an electric car.”

Nissan LEAF

Nissan is a leading player in the electric vehicle market. Its LEAF, for example, is “the world's best-selling electric vehicle” and more than eleven thousand found homes since its launch. This small family class hatchback covers up to one-hundred and fifty-five miles per-charge.

Furthermore, it can be recharged via a standard plug socket, a faster home charger or an even faster public charger. It also seats five people and cargo capacity is up to three-hundred and seventy litres.

The top-spec TEKNA trim has a camera mounted to each side, to make parking easy, and heated seats too.

Nissan e-NV200

The Nissan e-NV200 is a fully electric commercial vehicle. This cargo van has sliding doors, a 4,200-litre cargo capacity and seven hundred and three-kilogramme payload. Maximum range is up to one-hundred and six miles per-charge.

Standard equipment – on the top-spec Tekna Rapid Plus Electric trim – includes exterior cameras, cruise control, climate control, electric front windows, stability control and satellite navigation.